Why Center Stage Keeps Our Concerts Secret

Although we may have an artist contracted for some time, we are unable to announce who it is for a few months.
While sometimes it is difficult to keep this secret from our friends and classmates, there
are a few important reasons why we cannot release the name until closer to the show
date. One of the first reasons we have to keep the artist a secret is because of the signing
terms with most artists. Many contracts require us to keep their show silent until
they have a chance to announce their touring schedule. Another reason involving the
artists is for the sheer fact that anything can happen and they could cancel on us at the
last second. By announcing the performer closer to the date, we try to reduce that risk
of disappointment (for the students and the public relations side of UPB). Probably the
biggest reason we keep our concerts a secret is for a greater marketing and advertising
buzz. By keeping the concert a secret, we hope to create chatter among the student
community and increase the interest of the preforming artist. When I first came to JMU,
UPB would make a banner and announce the artist on Crazy Commons; however, over
the past few years UPB has worked to create the announcement into an event. Last year
UPB announced Passion Pit at the Headphone Disco, which required a lot of work and
planning but made for an exciting reveal. Once we sign with the artists, we will begin
strategizing the best way to announce their performance. So keep a look out and follow
the UPB Twitter and Facebook for any upcoming news and events regarding our new
artist and the reveal!

Elaine Lichtman, Center Stage Member
The #CONVO2013 show will be announced at Crazy Commons on February 19 at 12:17p!

Planning for our Spring Convo Show

At least once a year, the JMU campus can head out to a large-scale concert in our convocation center for about five-hours of music, dancing, and fun. To most, the large building that is home to basketball, speakers, and graduation … Continue reading

Wiz Khalifa Tickets SOLD OUT!

The Campus Consciousness Tour featuring Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller is SOLD OUT!

Many of you have questions and misconceptions of how our tickets were sold.  Hopefully we can help answer and clear up confusion.

In total, UPB sold 3,098 tickets for this concert.  911 tickets were allocated and sold online.  2,187 tickets were available and sold at the box office.

Students began camping out starting at 8:30 AM Tuesday morning, March 1st.  Throughout the day, students continually entered the line.  Just being in line overnight did not guarantee tickets.  We did not sponsor the growing line; however, we did provide, games, meet and greet give-a-ways, and showed the movie “Get Him To The Greek” to provide entertainment to everyone who decided to camp out.  Everyone is line was handed a green “Box Office” form.  The form did not guarantee tickets.  It’s only a form to fill out for the box office.  We hand them out to everyone in line to make sure they are filled out before you get up to the box office window to help speed up sales.  They are also used to attempt to help prevent people cutting in line.

Tickets went on sale at 8 AM.  As of 8:50 AM, all online tickets were sold out.  The last ticket in the box office was sold at 10:34 AM. As of 8:01 AM, the link on our website was working, and the jmuupb.musictoday.com website was up and running.  Due to the extremely large volume of people attempting to access the site and buy tickets, not all ticket requests could be filled.  Requests online were processed by an independent company, not UPB, and we had no control over those sales.

Students have also been asking about our 8 ticket limit and why only 3,098 tickets were available. In the past few years, we have had a limit of 8 tickets per person and we have never had an issue with it.  This limit was placed after a concert where people were buying up to 50 at a time.  We based an 8 ticket limit off of major ticket selling websites, like Ticket Master and StubHub.  We can reevaluate this number for future concerts.  As for a half vs. full Convocation layout, all of our concerts in the past have been half Convo.  We are not able to do a full Convo concert due to logistics.

We know a lot of students are upset about not getting tickets.  However, as for any concert at any venue, there are only a limited number of tickets for sale due to capacity. This is first fully sold out Convocation concert in the past few years.  It was also our fastest selling concert in UPB history.  We did not anticipate selling out so quickly.

Chances to win tickets are still available! Listen to Q101 daily for a chance to win tickets.  They are the only exclusive radio station with a very limited number of tickets.  We will also be giving out one last pair of tickets through a promotion after spring break.  Check back to our Facebook page for more info.

We are very excited and look forward to April 2nd!

Behind The Scenes of…Center Stage

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow! Center Stage is getting ready for Spring Convo on Saturday April 2nd featuring… WIZ KHALIFA! He’s coming with the Campus Consciousness Tour including Mac Miller, a mysterious third artist to be announced later, and is co-sponsored with Reverb. The tour’s co-sponsorship is a half rock tour, half going green campaign, which aims to inspire and activate students to improve the environment while leaving a positive impact on each area the tour visits.

As a way to help promote Spring Convo, UPB’s Center Stage Committee will be holding another Listening Party featuring Wiz Khalifa with his awesome music, games, and chances to win tickets to the concert. We are making a couple changes this semester with this Listening Party. Our first LP ever last year (for Hip Hop Hat Trick) was on the Commons, the last 3 (The Wilson Concert Series featuring Cartel, B.o.B., and Sara Bareilles) have been in TDU, but this time we will be having the LP on both sides of campus: the Commons and Festival! The LP on the Commons will be on March 1st from 11 am – 2 pm and the LP at Festival will be sometime after Spring Break. Stay tuned for more info!

The day after the first LP is a big day: tickets for Spring Convo go on sale at 8 am Wednesday March 2nd at the Wilson Box Office and online at upb.jmu.edu, BUT you can line up as early as 8 pm the night before. We’re going to make this a lot of fun for you guys. Lots of games, some food/drinks, and we’ll be showing a movie on the wall of Grafton for everyone to enjoy throughout the night. Definitely come out the night before and hang out with UPB.

The day of show (April 2nd) will be a lot of fun. We are holding a “Green Festival” on Festival lawn before the concert. On-campus green organizations and Reverb will be co-sponsoring the event to help promote what Reverb does to help improve the community. Come out to Festival lawn on Saturday April 2nd before the show! We are still in the process of planning this festival, so we will update you on further plans.

We are also in the midst of planning an end-of-the-year Spring festival in April—Madipalooza! We will have music, games, and food outside all day. It will most likely be on the Hillside Lawn. We are currently researching potential artists who could come perform that day. Get excited to wrap up a great year at a fun music festival!!

All in all, it’s going to be a busy, but really fun semester for everyone. Stay tuned to find out more information about the concert, chances to win tickets for Spring Convo, the Listening Parties, the Green Festival, and Madipalooza!  UPB is doing all it can to make this an unforgettable semester for JMU.

~Katie Teague, Center Stage Outreach Chair