Interactive Promotions Director

The position of Interactive Promotions Director for UPB was created just last year. While the specific duties this title encompasses is still in the process of being solidified, currently my job consists of three main parts: leading the UPB Multimedia … Continue reading

What goes on upstairs: A Grafton Projectionist’s Perspective

Working as a projectionist at Grafton-Stovall Theater is one of the most interesting jobs available on campus. While UPB takes care of the business and logistics of choosing, licensing and ordering movies, it is our job to prepare the films … Continue reading

VP of Professional Development

Membership Development is such a vague yet important topic.  As the Vice President of Membership Development for the University Program Board, my job is to make this topic less vague and more understanding for all the 180 members in our … Continue reading

Planning for our Spring Convo Show

At least once a year, the JMU campus can head out to a large-scale concert in our convocation center for about five-hours of music, dancing, and fun. To most, the large building that is home to basketball, speakers, and graduation … Continue reading

Getting your web banner to UU and OSAI

Many organizations struggle with how to get their events out in as many outlets as possible. Although we have our own website, we do reach out to other organizations and offices and ask to utilize their websites to share our … Continue reading