Jump In The PIT

Programmers in Training or PIT Crew is the program to become involved with the University Program Board.  As you get to know JMU and decide how you would like to be involved on campus, PIT Crew is a great option to consider.  The six week training program is a way to get to know all the committees within UPB, work various events, and decide where you fit into the organization.

Applications are now available through the UPB website ( upb.jmu.edu ) as well as in the UPB office (Taylor 234).

 To learn more about PIT Crew and UPB come to Student Org Night, TONIGHT at 6:30 pm on the UREC Turf and to the PIT Crew Info Sessions, Monday, September 13 at 6:30 pm in Festival Conference Room 6 or Tuesday, September 14 at 8:30 pm in Taylor 302.

Sporcle Your Life Away

Need to kill some time between classes? Over the summer I was introduced to Sporcle, a trivia website, and I was tragically hooked. I despise feeling like I need to check certain websites everyday in order to function, but I find myself taking the daily quizzes as if it were a matter of life and death. So when JMU came up in one quiz I was elated. Granted, this statement is coming from a guy who consistently watches Jeopardy (and you better believe that I voted for Cash Cab‘s Ben Bailey for our Convo show).

picture from sporcle.com

I go out of my way to take these assessments of useless knowledge, but if you find yourself unable to complete life’s daily tasks due to over-sporcling please do yourself a favor and come out to the UPB booth at Student Org Night tomorrow to give yourself some real work to do.

By the way, I only got 10/30 on the quiz linked above. Geography’s just not my thing.

– Stephen