UPB Helped me Kick My Caffeine Crave!

Throughout my summer, I have been all over! Spending half of the summer in California, and the other here in Harrisonburg. No matter where I go, or how sweltering hot it gets, I still must! have my coffee in the morning! I know this is very “typical college student” of me, but I can’t stop! I usually drink two HUGE Starbucks mugs of coffee every morning, this is equal to six cups!

Six cups is ridiculous –  I think that we can all agree to that. I needed to end this sad coffee addiction that my mornings were headed towards. I decided to give myself a coffee intervention. To start, I would downgrade the mug from a half liter, to something more normal. I went through the over-stuffed cabinets in my apartment to find something a little more acceptable for someone who doesn’t engage in a caffeine frenzy, like myself.

Once again, UPB to the rescue! Not only does this organization help me out during the school year with my social life, it is also curing me of my dangerously caffeinated habit!  Last semester, UPB gave out adorable little mugs with spoons! So here I am, being better about coffee. I’m pretty proud of myself,  hopefully there will be no withdrawals.

For you JMU students that have tons of JMU promotional items from Crazy Commons, what have you experienced with your JMU stuff?


~ Natalie Hamlin, Public Relations Director