Some Exam Advice From Shannon…

So it’s that time of year again. The dreaded, terrifying, FINALS WEEK. For some of you, this week is filled with late night library sessions and last minute paper writing. And for others, the madness of finals has already begun. As a seasoned senior JMU student, one who has suffered six whole semesters of this finals week shenanigans, here are my three key pieces of advice to aid you in your quest to survive Finals Week: Fall 2011…
1) If you’re going to study in the library, go early! For those of you that are semester-long Carrier or ECL frequent flyers, the next week-and-a-half don’t expect to get your favorite table in Starbucks or on the second floor of ECL. These places are suddenly PACKED. So, to beat the rush, get there early, get a seat, and don’t move until you absolutely must. The moment it hits 11am on any given day (and yes this means weekends too) you’re likely to be finding a nice cozy spot on the floor in the stacks over a table. Should you be one of the unfortunate ones reaching the second floor of Carrier, uncomfortably searching for a seat at a real-life table, don’t be afraid to ask to share some space! If a single person is sitting at a table for four, they’re more than likely willing to share. And if you are that person, hogging a whole table to yourself, be kind! We’re all suffering through this together, so help a fellow Duke out.
2) SLEEP! It may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day for all of your studying, paper-writing, and flashcard-making, but trust me, there is. Take the time to organize your upcoming week in your planner. Designate time for studying, eating, and, yes, SLEEPING. It’s easy to make the decision to just grab a few five-hour energy drinks or a Venti coffee and power through, but you’ll be paying for it in the morning when you can’t focus and fall asleep on your Statistics final scantron. So when you can (a.k.a. make time for it), catch a few z’s. And IF, absolute worst case scenario, you have to pull an all-nighter at some point during this stressful time, Warren Hall’s fourth floor airport lounge has a fantastic selection of comfy couches to take a nap.
and the most obvious one, which we all manage to forget…
3) Don’t wait until the last minute! This is the easiest of finals week sins to succumb to. You’re working on that paper and submitting it two-minutes before the due date, and cramming for that final in the hour before. But whyyy? As I said before, not only do you need to plan time to sleep, you need to plan time to study! If you have already dug yourself into the hole of severe procrastination,  don’t panic! There is still time! Prioritize your studying and paper-writing and project-doing chronologically. Got a paper due on Thursday? Start working right this moment. Then you have a final on Saturday? Start working on that next. If you let yourself panic and jump between assignments, you’ll only end up more stressed with much more last minute work to do. Knocking out these obstacles one at a time will keep you focused on the task at hand and will give you a huge feeling of accomplishment with each completed item.
So there you have it, the three must-do’s to get through finals week. Keep your chin up and hang in there! A three week break is on the horizon!
Oh, and I forgot one more thing… Be sure to head to the Relaxation Station in Transitions Friday, December 9th. Its FREE and its the perfect way to relax before pulling those alnighters!
~Shannon Kenny, Film Committee Marketing Chair

Problem: Finals. Solution? Relaxation Station

Finals week is without fail one of the most stressful weeks during the year so why not take an hour out of your day to come to The Relaxation Station to release some of that stress and anxiety! On Friday, December 9th from 8:00-12:00 p.m. in Transitions, UPB is putting on a FREE event which includes aqua massage beds, a meditation station, food, coffee and other relaxing activities. I know that when I’m stressed I always try to find ways to calm myself down so why not take advantage of and event that does just that! Instead of emptying your wallet by paying for a massage and countless cups of coffee at Starbucks, come enjoy all these things for free right on campus. I hope to see you there, THIS Friday at 8pm in Transitions!

~Samantha Silver, Spotlight Sounds

Buckle Down, Students!

Buckle down, fellow students. We’re in the home stretch.
And stretching, we are.
I must say that I have seen the number of circles under eyes increasing recently. Carrier is slowly but surely becoming more crowded (I know because I was there till past midnight last night, and it was still hopping and popping). People are having increasingly tense conversations on the phone (although not all of them about academics).
It is here where I would like to make a short, but I feel, important, public service announcement about the conversations we wish to have in libraries.
I propose that we all collectively agree to stop having intensely personal conversations on the first floor of the library.
I know that for one, I cannot concentrate when people are talking about the newest birth in their family, or their relationship crisis (usually at an obnoxious volume), especially when I am wading through an especially dry piece of literature, such as Dryden (no, I didn’t make that name up- he’s a real 18th century English poet. And yes, I love being an English major).
So I plead and beg of you. For all of our sakes, for all of our sanity, for all of our GPAS (okay, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic), don’t have life-altering conversations on your phone in the library.
Love always,