1 Month Left…

So, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m a senior. I’ve finally bought my cap and gown (although I am referring to them as my “dress robes” and the g-word is now codename “Yule Ball”). Even with these grown up accoutrements, I feel like a little girl wearing my older sister’s graduation gear. It feels like yesterday that she was graduating from this very place (even though it was 6 years ago…).

Currently, I only have 4 weeks left, but this year has definitely been filled with some of my favorite memories. Being film director has been a wild and crazy ride. I’ve met some absolutely bonkers people, and seen some really not wonderful movies (You Again, I’m looking at you). But I will never forget the people who I spent all those hours in Grafton with. I think that in an organization that remains so constant, it’s really the people in it who make each year so different and special. I’d love to think that I made UPB’s life a bit more interesting this year and added something that no one else could.
I’ve had numerous people reassure me that everything turns out ok in the end, but I think I just don’t want to see the end. Currently, almost everything in my life is in flux; things are changing from one moment to the next. One thing that I can rely on is that I will never forget this year.
~Kelly McKew, Director of Film

Get To Know…Film Director

Hello Blog-readers!

I’m Kelly McKew, and I’m the Film Director. I love what I do. But that is the question, what do I do?

I watch movies. But I also help pick out what movies come to Grafton. I figure out which of the available movies would be right for JMU’s campus on a monthly basis. I also help organize the other film events on campus, such as the Matinee Movie Series, Advanced Screenings, Movies on the Lawn, speakers, and more. I’m in Grafton-Stovall theatre so much, that I’d be the mayor of it on 4square!
The Film committee is filled with some of the most passionate people I know who contribute so much and want your movie experience to be incredible. There is no place I would have rather spent my last two years of college than with those people who make up Film and UPB as a whole.
~Kelly McKew, Film Director

The Rally to Restore Sanity

So, I did something cool on Saturday.  Me and my BFF Jon Stewart held this rally in DC.  No big deal.  About 250,000 of my closest friends showed up.  It was a pretty awesome time. 

But in all seriousness, Carrie Martin, the UPB Faculty Coordinator, and I went to DC Saturday morning to experience what it was like to go to a rally in DC.  I had decided to go to DC as soon as Stewart announced on The Daily Show, and as the date got closer and closer I started to get inappropriately excited. 

It was perhaps close to an 11 hour day, with little time actually spent seeing/hearing anything at the Rally, but I think that it’s a day I won’t trade for anything.  The Rally to Restore Sanity stood for much more than the comedians running it.  I saw more people coming together for a common cause than I ever have before.  Not only were there disaffected college students fed up with the system or its rhetoric, but parents with their children, involved middle aged couples, grandparents, all interested in changing the way we discuss politics. 

I think no matter your politics, you need to be interested in the process.  Yesterday was election day, and it’s not just your right to vote, but your responsibility.  It’s easy to scoff and think “What can I accomplish,” but you can’t create any change without being a part of it. 

~Kelly McKew, Film Director


Well, I’ve been dying to talk to everyone about Inception, so you, blog-reading-person, will be the first to read my thoughts.  But, please be warned, SPOILERS will be abound.  Not that it matters so much, because this movie is so perfect that even if you’re spoiled, the movie only falls into place as you watch it.  Before and after, it seems to slip away from you, like a dream..  Hans Zimmer’s score inspires awe and builds atmosphere almost as deftly as the architects create dreamspace in the movie.  And don’t get me started on the actors… Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way from “3rd Rock from the Sun.”

But I digress; I don’t want to actually review the movie.  I want to discuss it.  Because it’s one of the very few movies that once you see it, you want to immediately talk about it and not stop talking until we’ve covered every single frame.  In an age where I want to order a pizza online to avoid the bleak conversation with the Domino’s order-taker, I actively seek out conversations with people about this movie (for real life examples: my dentist, my parents, my best friends, Mitch so I could write this blog, and then yelling at random people who haven’t seen it yet).  And I think that’s INCREDIBLE!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this is not the “perfect” movie.  A lot of people will disagree with me and my assumptions about plot/the ending (IT WOBBLED).  But I want to hear it.  I want to hear it all; how you think the hype got to be too overwhealming, why the top doesn’t matter, why Ariadne’s name is extremely important, why it didn’t make any sense, or how from the first shot of Leo on a beach you thought “JACK LIVED YOU GUYS!”

In case you are one of the few people who haven’t seen Inception yet, or you just can’t wait to see it again, don’t worry- Inception will be showing this fall at JMU in Grafton-Stovall Theater!

~Kelly McKew (Film Director)

Kelly McKew in 60 Seconds

Hello JMU!

I’m Kelly, and I’m happy to say I’ll be your UPB Film Director.  No, I won’t be directing movies (although, if I did, they would be awesome and someone should pay me to do it!), but I’ll be helping make sure movie events on campus run smoothly. If you’ve never heard of me before, you’re probably wondering what kind of girl I am (and if you aren’t, well, you know how to skim).  Here’s me:

  • I’m a senior SMAD major with a minor in Political Communication. I’ve been working this summer as both an intern in the Public Relations department at a local community college as well as in a restaurant as a waitress.
  • I love movies.  I consistently spout off movie quotes, expecting people to know them already. I once answered a question in 12th grade English by quoting Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
  • I love TV.  I’m eagerly awaiting the return of Mad Men to my TV this Sunday!
  • Tina Fey is my hero.
  • I love books.
  • I have a voracious appetite for storytelling, in any form. And by any, I mean any.
  • I own video games, comics, novels, nonfiction, historical biography, CDs, DVDs of all varieties: drama, comedy, sci-fi, romance, oscar winning, indie, animated, etc. I do have one rule though: I want quality. If it’s not good, why bother? 
  • My current obsessions this summer are Battlestar Galactica and Stieg Larsson’s Milenium trilogy, both are excellent! (I’m also rereading Harry Potter for the 8-billionth time this summer, to prep for Deathly Hallows, Pt 1). 
  • My friends are awesome, and have become some of the most important people running around my life.

I hope this has been informative… if not, I hope it’s been amusing. Because that’s what life is all about.