Stalking Aziz

Hello my name is Zach and I think I’m funny, not hilarious but funny. Someone who I do think is hilarious is Aziz Ansari. The first time I witnessed his comic genius I was procrastinating from doing my homework and decided on watching a late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (not my favorite but a close second to Conan). I then saw him in Observe and Report when UPB brought the movie for one of its advance screenings last spring. He played a man named Saddamn who worked at the mall. Seth Rogen’s character Ronnie and Saddamn had the funniest scene in the whole movie with the best reference to Chik-fil-A ever. And if you hadn’t already guessed it Ronnie accuses Saddamn of trying to blow up the the fast food chain. Saddamn screams “Why would I blow up the Chik-fil-A , I f@!**ing love Chik-fil-A!”

Aziz AnsariAfter that performance and our joint love for fried chicken,  my relationship with Aziz took the next step. I began awaiting the third directorial effort of Judd Apatow, Funny People. A movie filled with star performances and cameos but the role I was excited for the most was Aziz playing Raaaaaaaandy with eight a’s. He plays an annoying and “Dane Cook” like stand-up comedian. Raaaaaaaandy also employs a djay on stage to really emphasize his hilarious jokes. What sealed the deal for me was a mockumentary on Raaaaaaaandy on Will Ferrell’s site which I found while searching for something that would give me uncontrollable laughter (p.s. I found it).

Now some may consider the above paragraphs slightly stalkerish. I say that it’s completely normal to imdb someone a few times a week, watch youtube clips while at work couple hours a day, and occasionally send him pieces of mail that may or may not include spiral notebooks filled with jokes and headshots of yours truly scented with Old Spice. Well anyways I digress Aziz Ansari is a rising comedian whose been on popular television shows and movies and I’m happy to present him to the JMU students on September 25th in Memorial Hall.

– Zach

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