Howie the Cowie

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The Clubhouse: A Crafter’s Dream

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Acting Like A Kid Again For One Last Time

Less than three weeks from now, I’ll be walking across the stage in Godwin Hall, wearing my purple gown, yellow hood, and blue UPB stole.  Even though I will be starting graduate school in the summer, I feel as though I am in a tug of war.

I cannot wait to begin my life after college, to move to a new city, to find the perfect job, and to make my mark on the world.  But I am dreading my life after college, having to pay my own bills, get my own insurance, and make decisions on my own.  I find myself reminiscing on my childhood and teenage years, and thinking back to all the fun (and dumb) things that I have done these past twenty-two years.

My childhood was spent with people I love, doing things that I loved doing.  I spent countless hours on the playground at school, playing Lava tag and Freeze tag.  After school we would gather at the baseball diamond to play Kickball or Red Rover.  Sleepovers would occur every other weekend, where we would watch scary movies, paint our nails, and eat pizza rolls.  We would make prank-calls, asking if the refrigerator was running.  Come Monday, we all had a sports story to share with the class, whether we scored the game-winning goal or hit our first home run.  Looking back on these memories, I want to go back to those days when I didn’t have to think about the real world that I will be entering soon.

Thankfully, UPB wants me to go back to those days, to be a kid again.  This Thursday, there will be two events that let me act like a kid.  At 9:00, the movie that all children grew up loving will be playing on the Festival Lawn.  Who doesn’t remember watching The Little Rascals and laughing when Alfalfa sang to Darla at the derby race?  At 10:00, the child-like fun continues with Dr. Seuss Late Night Breakfast.  Inflatables, games, music, and free food- sounds like the perfect way to spend a Thursday night.  I’ll be there Thursday night at Festival acting like a kid again- who is going to be with me?

~Kayla Fleming, Film Committee

A Tribute to Late Night Breakfast

Being at school I learned a ton

That JMU is number one!

I’m almost complete with my degree

No more schoolwork, yippee!

But then I sit and ponder

After JMU, where will I wonder?

I am now almost grown up

What a shock, I may throw up.

I wish I could go back to the day

Where I would climb and play.

Instead of deciding on a major,

My main problem: picking a Popsicle flavor.

But UPB gives me one last night

To keep my youth present and bright.

From Late Night Breakfast: Act Like a Kid Again

I know my young spirit will never end.

With graduation approaching faster than I think, I know that I am going to Late Night Breakfast: Act Like a Kid Again and to regain my youth. I hope to see everyone there at 9 to watch a free movie on the lawn: Little Rascals and join me for some fun-filled festivities!

~Natalie Hamlin, Spirit & Traditions Outreach Chair

Get To Know…Outreach Chair

This year, my involvement in UPB has been absolutely amazing with my new-found leadership responsibilities.  I currently serve as the outreach chair for the Spirit and Traditions committee. This position has allowed me to work the other organizations on and off campus in a relationship with UPB events. Some of these organizations include, New and Improv’d, Best Buddies, and Campus Cookies!

Being an outreach chair has been beyond an amazing experience and I am so sad that my tenure in this position is coming to and end in a few weeks. If you like working with people, exercising leadership skills, and learning more about networking, this would be an excellent position to look into and I highly encourage you to apply.  Applications are due this Friday at 5 PM!

~Natalie Hamlin, Outreach Chair Spirits & Traditions