Key Things from UPB to take to an Interview

Every interview I’ve had so far, I just talked about UPB the whole time. I’m not kidding. From technical questions to behavioral questions to case studies, I’ve used my experience in UPB to answer all types of interview questions. And … Continue reading

Planning for our Spring Convo Show

At least once a year, the JMU campus can head out to a large-scale concert in our convocation center for about five-hours of music, dancing, and fun. To most, the large building that is home to basketball, speakers, and graduation … Continue reading

Getting your web banner to UU and OSAI

Many organizations struggle with how to get their events out in as many outlets as possible. Although we have our own website, we do reach out to other organizations and offices and ask to utilize their websites to share our … Continue reading

The benefits of getting involved on campus

For some, being involved on campus is something that people do to occupy their free time. Some want to discover what they are passionate about and others want to give back to the JMU community. In my opinion, the reasoning … Continue reading