Confronting Life With Love

In a world where college students feel so much pressure to succeed, academically, socially, and physically, it is extremely easy to get stressed.  We, as college students, can get stressed out by anything from having two tests and a paper on the same day, three meetings one night, not getting to the gym, or a text back from that somebody on Saturday night.

When everything gets out of control people sometimes turn to negative influences.  For some, going out on the weekends progresses into nightly binge drinking and possibly addiction. Others may feel too overwhelmed and burdened into depression.  Both of these things have the unfortunate possibility of turning into more serious issues such as self- injury or even suicide.

These issues are definitely not easy to confront or talk about.  Recently the Founder of To Write of Love on Her Arms visited JMU to tackle these issues head on and give encouragement that these issues can be solved with the proper help.  There are numerous resources on campus to help with these issues.  At a time when exams and papers are piling up it’s easy to be stressed out.  However, it is important to not let stress get out of hand and turn into more serious issues.

At the end of the day a grade, missing a meeting, or having one argument does not define who you are as a person.  If you are someone you know is suffering from any of these potentially serious issues I encourage you to “spread the love” and help that individual or yourself seek help.  All of these problems can be solved with support and love.

Recollections of My First Semester with UPB

As a new member of UPB’s Special Events Committee, I have discovered a smorgasbord of greatness. Thus far, from planning our events to the meeting the people involved, I have had a blast. I must wonder, where was I two years ago? I’m a little bummed I got started so late into my college career with this organization, but never fear, my junior standing allows for more time to immerse myself into this pool of cool.

Amy RemmerI wasn’t sure what to expect upon becoming part of the UPB community. I had heard of the events before, but had not really thought twice about them (except the Late Night Breakfasts….those are great!) With this being my first semester on the job, I have had the chance to experience all the UPB events, and I’ve got to say, it’s been incredible.

With such high quality events, one must consider the people involved. They must be great and hard working, right? Not only are they dedicated to bringing the best events to campus, but they are also really funny! I didn’t think an event like the Ghost Hunter could be so much fun, but these people have me in stitches! I’ll admit that I am easily amused. For example, I was making a banner the other day forTo Write Love On Her Arms UPB’s blog, and you better believe I thought my stick figures were hilarious. Not only do I think everyone else is hysterical, I think I’m a hoot too (doesn’t say much for my standard of funny, but it makes everyone else feel good about themselves.)

I’m having a fantastic time working with these people and they are making everything so much fun. An event that I am really looking forward to is tonight’s awareness speaker, Jamie Tworkowski, who is coming to campus to speak about his non-profit organization, To Write Love On Her Arms. I hope I will see you all there, seeking a way to help the people you know and love who are suffering with depression and addiction. Come to Festival Ballroom tonight, November 16th at 8 PM for this free, empowering event. It’s going to be truly amazing.

– Amy

National To Write Love On Her Arms Day


“Depression, addiction, self-injury, suicide. It is likely that, if not you, then someone you know suffers from at least one of these issues. Fortunately, there is help. On November 16, 2009 UPB is bringing Jamie Tworkowksi, the creator of To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA is a non-profit organization that aims to provide hope and recovery for people in need of help. Showing love is about the best thing you can do for someone who is suffering. Also, by letting people know that they are loved and they are not alone, you can help mitigate these issues. Love is the movement.” Amy RemmerTWLOHA

National To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) Day is November 13th. In honor of this UPB will actually be writing LOVE on people’s arms with markers in the commons on Friday from 10-11 and from 1-2. Basically you get to support a cause and be part of a bigger picture while looking totally COOL at the same time!! Its a win-win situation so be there!



❤ Jamie