A Book and a Movie

As an SMAD and English major reading is naturally a huge part of my life.  But even before college, I was always the nerd with her nose buried in a book. (Don’t worry, I loved it!)  So this summer I found the perfect job.  The restaurants around my hometown weren’t hiring and since retail is essentially cruel and unusual punishment, I took over the job my sister had the summer before; I worked at a bank. I know you’re thinking besides pay above minimum wage, there doesn’t seem to be much of a benefit to this job.  This is where you’re wrong.  As a summer floater, I went to a different branch of the bank everyday and besides my bagged lunch, the one thing I always had with me was a book.  My summer was set- I was getting paid to do my favorite thing in the world, read. Usually getting through about three books a week, I made a huge dent in my “To-Read” list.  And one of the books I had the pleasure of reading was Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My love for books and movies is basically equal.  I always read the book before seeing the movie, and this book was no exception.  Knowing that UPB would most likely bring Eat, Pray, Love to Grafton-Stovall at some point in the year, I eagerly read the book and feel in love with the story.  Elizabeth Gilbert writes this autobiographical story of her travels through Italy, India, and Bali and quickly spread to me the travel bug. Take the opportunity to read the book and definitely go see this movie!

~Maggie Moran, Creative Director

The Sun-Day Forcast: 8/29/10

Welcome Back JMU!  And welcome to campus Class of 2014!

Everyone here in UPB hopes you had an amazing and relaxing summer!   However, we are looking forward to an even better semester ahead!  This Fall, we are bringing many exciting programs your way:  from comedians and motivational speakers to blockbuster movies and concert series, this semester’s events are going to be better than ever!  That being said, here’s a look at whats happening on the JMU Campus this week:

 Crazy Commons

Welcome “Back to School with Jimmy Madison” this Tuesday from 11 AM to 2 PM in the Commons.   This is the first Crazy Commons of Fall 2010!  Enjoy free food, gifts, and sneak peeks of upcoming events for the fall semester.  And make sure you don’t miss the announcement of our Fall Concert Series!




Accents Tour 2010

The Accents Tour 2010 is a uniquely designed music series showcasing rising European and Australian artists on the verge of international success!  Performing at Festival Drum Thursday September 2nd at 8 pm is Via Tania, Freddie Stevenson, and JMU’s own Trinity Edralin.


Funny Freakin Friday

Mike E Winfield is one of today’s fastest rising comedy stars.  He has been featured on shows like Showtime’s Comedians Without Borders, and Last Comic Standing on NBC. His story-telling comic style and cutting jokes about his own “big ass teeth,” easily makes him the funniest comedian alive (self-proclaimed of course).  Former Breeze humor-columnist, Michael Larrick will open the show followed by Mike E Winfield!  Come out and …catch a laugh in TDU on September 3rd at 8 PM!  And don’t forget…it’s FREE!
This Week At Grafton
Movies play every week Wednesday – Saturday at 7:00 and 9:30!
7:00Date Night
Steve Carell and Tina Fey are “a match made in comedy heaven” (Ben Lyons, E!) in this uproarious adventure about an ordinary couple in the right place…on the wrong night. Phil and Claire Foster are a sensible, suburban husband and wife slogging through their daily lives and marriage. But a case of mistaken identity sets off a n outrageous chain of events involving small-time thieves, big-city mobsters, corrupt cops and a crazed cabbie, as the Fosters’ “date night” turns into a wild ride they’ll never forget!  (20th Century Fox)
9:30 – Killers
 A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.  (Lionsgate)
Have a great week JMU!


Well, I’ve been dying to talk to everyone about Inception, so you, blog-reading-person, will be the first to read my thoughts.  But, please be warned, SPOILERS will be abound.  Not that it matters so much, because this movie is so perfect that even if you’re spoiled, the movie only falls into place as you watch it.  Before and after, it seems to slip away from you, like a dream..  Hans Zimmer’s score inspires awe and builds atmosphere almost as deftly as the architects create dreamspace in the movie.  And don’t get me started on the actors… Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way from “3rd Rock from the Sun.”

But I digress; I don’t want to actually review the movie.  I want to discuss it.  Because it’s one of the very few movies that once you see it, you want to immediately talk about it and not stop talking until we’ve covered every single frame.  In an age where I want to order a pizza online to avoid the bleak conversation with the Domino’s order-taker, I actively seek out conversations with people about this movie (for real life examples: my dentist, my parents, my best friends, Mitch so I could write this blog, and then yelling at random people who haven’t seen it yet).  And I think that’s INCREDIBLE!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this is not the “perfect” movie.  A lot of people will disagree with me and my assumptions about plot/the ending (IT WOBBLED).  But I want to hear it.  I want to hear it all; how you think the hype got to be too overwhealming, why the top doesn’t matter, why Ariadne’s name is extremely important, why it didn’t make any sense, or how from the first shot of Leo on a beach you thought “JACK LIVED YOU GUYS!”

In case you are one of the few people who haven’t seen Inception yet, or you just can’t wait to see it again, don’t worry- Inception will be showing this fall at JMU in Grafton-Stovall Theater!

~Kelly McKew (Film Director)

Kelly McKew in 60 Seconds

Hello JMU!

I’m Kelly, and I’m happy to say I’ll be your UPB Film Director.  No, I won’t be directing movies (although, if I did, they would be awesome and someone should pay me to do it!), but I’ll be helping make sure movie events on campus run smoothly. If you’ve never heard of me before, you’re probably wondering what kind of girl I am (and if you aren’t, well, you know how to skim).  Here’s me:

  • I’m a senior SMAD major with a minor in Political Communication. I’ve been working this summer as both an intern in the Public Relations department at a local community college as well as in a restaurant as a waitress.
  • I love movies.  I consistently spout off movie quotes, expecting people to know them already. I once answered a question in 12th grade English by quoting Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
  • I love TV.  I’m eagerly awaiting the return of Mad Men to my TV this Sunday!
  • Tina Fey is my hero.
  • I love books.
  • I have a voracious appetite for storytelling, in any form. And by any, I mean any.
  • I own video games, comics, novels, nonfiction, historical biography, CDs, DVDs of all varieties: drama, comedy, sci-fi, romance, oscar winning, indie, animated, etc. I do have one rule though: I want quality. If it’s not good, why bother? 
  • My current obsessions this summer are Battlestar Galactica and Stieg Larsson’s Milenium trilogy, both are excellent! (I’m also rereading Harry Potter for the 8-billionth time this summer, to prep for Deathly Hallows, Pt 1). 
  • My friends are awesome, and have become some of the most important people running around my life.

I hope this has been informative… if not, I hope it’s been amusing. Because that’s what life is all about.


Grafton: The Young and The Blue

What a week… 90 degrees each day and not a cloud in sight. Absolutely beautiful! We are getting closer to the end of the semester- a bittersweet time for all students. This weekend Grafton is putting on some awesome events! Our regular Grafton movies are at 7 PM and 9:30 PM, Youth in Revolt and The Young Victoria respectively. This Sunday is our last matinée of the semester- Avatar

At 7- Youth in Revolt is the newest Michael Cera movie. Cera plays Nick Twisp, who falls in love with a beautiful girl while on vacation. Nick Twisp is a boy who takes on multiple personalities and has many misadventures while following the girl- Sheeni- around. At 9:30- The Young Victoria is a dramatization of the life of Queen Victoria after her coronation and her relationship with Prince Albert during the 1830s. 

The real icing on the cake though is our matinée. Sunday at 3:00 PM, Grafton will be showing Avatar. After his brother is killed, a paraplegic Marine Jake Sully signs on to take his place during a mission to Pandora- a world with strange creatures and a separate race of beings called the Na’vi. In exchange for the intel services that Sully is providing, the military repairs his damaged spinal cord. During his stay on this world, Sully falls in love with a Na’vi native- Neytiri. Sully is forced to make a decision as the military of Earth begin their final stages of conquest. 

It is sure to be a fun-filled weekend at Grafton… as the theater will be blacked out! With a black-light rainforest, fluorescent paint, and reduced ticket prices- who can resist? There may even be a few blue people running around…