Thanks for the Memories!

It’s been another wonderful year with the University Program Board. We have done so much, and I am pleased to share our accomplishments with you all! 🙂

We have planned over 65 events, in addition to our 8 movies at Grafton weekly, and have had 59,000 attendees at our events. Wow! Thank you, JMU, for coming out to our events and making them possible with your support.  It is our constant goal, to put on successful and rewarding programs, and it is my sincere wish that if you have any feedback or suggestions for next year that you let us know.

While we have had so many successes, I would like to take the chance to highlight a few remarkable things that we have done this year:

  • The Matinee Movie Series—The film committee started a monthly Sunday event (for only a $1.50!) that adds some creativity into the regular movies at Grafton. We had a blacklight rainforest for a showing of Avatar, tons for balloons for Up, and a beachy theme for 500 Days of Summer…to name a few.
  • The blog—Well, if you’re reading this post, we have done our job. This year, UPB increased our transparency by maintaining a blog about our upcoming events and internal happenings. I know that providing a more open outlet for conversation with the student body can only serve to improve our organization.
  • The P.I.T. Crew—As UPB moved to application based membership, we started a new member program that allows students that have just gotten into our organization to learn the ins and outs of UPB. How to make a banner, how we execute events, etc.  This new wave of members have been outstanding leaders and have jumped in head first.  I am so proud of this program and of all our new members!

Announcing the Spring Concert!

We have grown so much this year, and I feel privileged everyday for having gotten the opportunity to work with so many exceptional leaders.  UPB is a large organization that is full of passion.  All of our programs are designed with the students in mind, and while we have done so much this year, I am thrilled to see what else can be done in the 2010-2011 school year. Have a GREAT summer!

– Annie Blewett