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The Sun-Day Forcast: 8/29/10

Welcome Back JMU!  And welcome to campus Class of 2014!

Everyone here in UPB hopes you had an amazing and relaxing summer!   However, we are looking forward to an even better semester ahead!  This Fall, we are bringing many exciting programs your way:  from comedians and motivational speakers to blockbuster movies and concert series, this semester’s events are going to be better than ever!  That being said, here’s a look at whats happening on the JMU Campus this week:

 Crazy Commons

Welcome “Back to School with Jimmy Madison” this Tuesday from 11 AM to 2 PM in the Commons.   This is the first Crazy Commons of Fall 2010!  Enjoy free food, gifts, and sneak peeks of upcoming events for the fall semester.  And make sure you don’t miss the announcement of our Fall Concert Series!




Accents Tour 2010

The Accents Tour 2010 is a uniquely designed music series showcasing rising European and Australian artists on the verge of international success!  Performing at Festival Drum Thursday September 2nd at 8 pm is Via Tania, Freddie Stevenson, and JMU’s own Trinity Edralin.


Funny Freakin Friday

Mike E Winfield is one of today’s fastest rising comedy stars.  He has been featured on shows like Showtime’s Comedians Without Borders, and Last Comic Standing on NBC. His story-telling comic style and cutting jokes about his own “big ass teeth,” easily makes him the funniest comedian alive (self-proclaimed of course).  Former Breeze humor-columnist, Michael Larrick will open the show followed by Mike E Winfield!  Come out and …catch a laugh in TDU on September 3rd at 8 PM!  And don’t forget…it’s FREE!
This Week At Grafton
Movies play every week Wednesday – Saturday at 7:00 and 9:30!
7:00Date Night
Steve Carell and Tina Fey are “a match made in comedy heaven” (Ben Lyons, E!) in this uproarious adventure about an ordinary couple in the right place…on the wrong night. Phil and Claire Foster are a sensible, suburban husband and wife slogging through their daily lives and marriage. But a case of mistaken identity sets off a n outrageous chain of events involving small-time thieves, big-city mobsters, corrupt cops and a crazed cabbie, as the Fosters’ “date night” turns into a wild ride they’ll never forget!  (20th Century Fox)
9:30 – Killers
 A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.  (Lionsgate)
Have a great week JMU!

Making the Most of Accidents

Accidents happen. It’s an inevitability of life. What it comes down to though, is how we respond when things don’t exactly go our way. According to Aristotle “The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.” While you may not have realized it, those Post-It notes that you’ve been using since this week’s Crazy Commons were actually the result of one person’s “failures.” Spencer Silver attempted to create a stronger adhesive than was currently available, but the result he accidently stumbled upon was the easily removable glue that’s found on all those useful notes today.

Post-Its aren’t the only innovation to spawn from accidents. The inventions range from the entertaining (yet incredibly useless) Slinky to the antibiotic Penicillin, which is credited with saving millions of lives. Some other examples include:

  • Microwaves
  • Chocolate Chip cookies
  • Pace makers
  • Potato chips
  • Velcro
  • Cornflakes

So instead of feeling deflated the next time an idea or project doesn’t match your initial vision, rejoice because you have an opportunity to turn your accident or failure into something worthy of joining the list above.

– Stephen

Halloween v. Thanksgiving

It’s a debate that I’ve had with countless people: Which of the fall holidays is superior: Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Let’s look at the different aspects of these two annual traditions.

picture from iwatchstuff.com1)  They both have equally bad Charlie Brown movies. If I am alone in thinking that “The Great Pumpkin” storyline is enormously agitating then I’ve lost all faith in humanity. All-in-all this really isn’t a differentiator of either holiday; however, film in general is a huge factor seperating these days. There are literally thousands of films dedicated the the eerie culture of late October, ranging from light-hearted films like Hocus Pocus and Casper to spine-chilling horrors like my favorite Nightmare on Elm Street. In contrast, I’m really struggling to come up with anything for Thanksgiving……

2) Neither of these holidays would be worthwhile if it weren’t for the food. While Thanksgiving focuses on grand meals that require hours of strenuous labor in the kitchen, Halloween’s cuisine can be prepared with a few dollars and a ten minute trip to Walmart. I’m not claiming that the feast in November is not incredible, but for what it’s worth some candies are really high up on my list of favorite things (Who honestly refuses a Reese’s?).

3) Which would you rather decorate your house with come autumn: A couple turkeys and pilgrims, or jack-0-lanterns, spiderwebs, witches, ghosts, vampires, mummies, and an endless list of Halloween staples?

4) There is the parade on Thanksgiving that starts getting everyone in the mood for Winter Break, but I believe that the costumes and trick-or-treating of Halloween still trumps this aspect of Thanksgiving. I mean there’s only so many times that you can still be amused by a giant inflatable Garfield. I am constantly amazed every single October how creative some people can be with their sometimes funny, provocative, or really original costumes.

picture from

This was my costume for about 3 years

5) Tradition is a big factor for these holidays. Thanksgiving usually comes with football……but so do the other few months surrounding that random Thursday every year. You do get to see your family again for possibly the first time in a while – which can be great. On the other hand you might be reminded why you only choose to see them every once-in-a-while. As far as Halloween goes, who doesn’t look back fondly to running around in a Power Ranger costume all hyped-up on sugar as a kid?

There are avid fans arguing for both sides of the question, and I hope that my in-depth analysis will be enough to open some of your eyes to the supremecy of the winner of the fall holidays: Halloween. UPB is choosing to celebrate this holiday today on the commons from 10 Am to 2 PM (although mother nature may frown on us, in which case it will be held in Transitions). I personally helped carry 200 pumpkins ready to decorate into our storage room, so I hope to see you all out there today.

picture from

– Stephen

Life Might Not Be Such A Beach Anymore…

As a junior at JMU, I finally witnessed the infamous religious rants on the commons yesterday. I had always been left wondering why everybody always came back from this man’s preachings so fired up, and now I know why. I mean who doesn’t appreciate being called a sinner who’s going to burn for an eternity?

beach 1With an abundance of controversy and elevated vocal chords I anxiously await the transformation the commons will take today– from the coercive exchanges to the calm ‘beach” of the Aloha Crazy Commons. The coastline is my personal version of Eden (I’d love to hear a certain pastor’s reaction to that statement). Wherever my life takes me, I hope one day to settle down as close to the ocean as possible.

That is…. if the beaches will still be there. With these future aspirations of a life by the sea, I am hoping that the beach will still be there despite erosion of the coastline from global warming. According to, an estimated 167,000 acres of dry land will be covered within the century.

We are fast approaching a “tipping point,” after which we can never recover inbeach 2 terms of our environment. I found President Obama’s plan for actually cooling the earth’s atmosphere to help slow global warming, called geoengineering, an interesting solution to look into.

Think this is either the solution to all our problems or the cause of the alleged end of the world in 2012? I’d love to hear it from you guys.

– Stephen