Pictures from the Third Eye Blind Show

If you didn’t make it to the show last night, you missed an amazing experience. Even the band’s opener BlueSkyReality went above and beyond my high expectations for the show. I know that I’m not alone in UPB when I say that I am still exhausted from last night (taking down that intricate stage was quite a production). We will have more about the behind the scenes of the concert later, but for now I just wanted to leave you guys with some of the photos from last night:

Third Eye Blind at JMU.Third Eye Blind at JMU (2)







Third Eye Blind at JMU(3).Third Eye Blind at JMU(4)







Third Eye Blind at JMU(5)

Interview with Third Eye Blind

With the show a mere three days away, I’m sure many of you are getting anxious for Third Eye Blind coming to JMU. Rest easy, because I have something to tide you over for the time being. I was lucky enough to have a few questions answered by drummer Brad Hargreaves on behalf of the band.

– A lot of fans have always wanted to know, how’d you come up with the name Third Eye Blind?

It was just a play on words that fit the mood at that time in San Francisco.

– You guys performed at JMU way back in November of ’98. How do you feel that you’ve evolved as a band since then?

We are all lifers in music and that journey involves constantly trying to grow as writers, musicians and performers. I would like to believe we have all individually honed our craft over the last 10 years and are a better band because of it.

– Going against the grain in the music industry, you’ve made a bold move to be self-managed. What was the drive behind this decision?

I think 75% of good management is desire. The band has the desire to do things that are authentic to the music and adding a layer of management can dilute that.

Third Eye Blind

– You recently released the much anticipated Ursa Major to great commercial success despite declining CD sales across the country. The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 charts, but this kind of success isn’t anything new for you guys. You’ve been able to span generations and have experienced a rare longevity in this industry with a generally short shelf life. What do you think it is that makes Third Eye Blind such a unique band and allows you to thrive in the music realm?

I think people are very keen when it comes to sensing whether a band has something to offer or whether it is BS. Third Eye Blind has something to say on a lot of levels and perhaps people relate to that.

– Third Eye Blind was out of the spotlight for a few years. The new album is appropriately named Ursa Major,representing the band coming out of your “hibernation.” Can you go into your inspiration for your latest material?

Our inspiration is our fans. The band was really rejuvenated by our fans support of our 10 year anniversary shows a couple years ago. That really inspired us to finish this record.

– We’ve heard talk about a CD being released with tracks that didn’t make the newest collection. What’s the status on Ursa Minor?

We have a number of songs that will be released as Ursa Minor. The plan is to really have it well rehearsed by the end of this October tour and then go into the studio and record and mix a song a day.

picture from

– After year’s of performing, you’ve gotten a lot of tour experience under your belts. What is one of your more memorable performances?

Playing in a monsoon on Mt Fuji was quite memorable. I was told the stage started sinking.

– What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

Ursa Major’s big debut after six years without a record is pretty high up there. I would say Stevie Wonder playing a harmonica solo on jumper at a show was pretty special as well.

– What do you guys think is the next step for the band?

The next step for the band is to keep it rolling. We have the ability to release music whenever we want now and that is pretty liberating. We plan on touring and recording a lot over the next year.

I personally can’t wait to see the band perform…. and hang out with the guys when I run the Meet and Greet with the band on Thursday night. If you don’t have your tickets yet you can still buy them at the Warren Box Office (and you’ll get a free poster along with your ticket) or you can order them online. See you all there!

– Stephen

No Convo Shows for Kanye…

N-n-now that that don’t kill me can only make me…dumber?

Kanye West. Wow. Congratulations, you have finally accomplished something unheard of in the music world.

Kanye WestFor those of you that have been busy studying like the rest of us should have been, here is what’s up. This past Sunday at the Video Music Awards, young and innocent Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video. Opinions aside, this is an honor bestowed on few and she deserves to be commended. As Taylor was just beginning her thank you speech, Kanye West came out of nowhere and grabbed her microphone. Apparently Beyonce, who was also running for the award, had one of the best videos of all time, according to Kanye. He rather lamely repeated this twice, handed Taylor back the microphone, and walked off stage. Everyone in attendance, including Beyonce, looked shocked, but none could match a speechless Taylor Swift.

Whatever effect Kanye was going for, it seemed to backfire. Kanye was met with boos, while Taylor received a standing ovation. Now, when I contemplate the reasons behind such an action, a few prominent ones come to mind.

1.      Getting in Beyonce Knowles’ good graces
2.      Beyonce’s video was indeed the best of all time. OF ALL TIME.
3.      Kanye wanted to give his inquisitive and well thought out opinion in a timely manner. (My vote is here)

It is my belief, and I am positive that I am not the only one, that it is not a matter of if another Kanye interruption will happen, it is when. Seeing as the Third Eye Blind concert on October*Sep 13 - 00:05* 8th is rapidly approaching, we are taking every precaution to prevent a similar incident. I could see it now, probably right in the middle of an awesome song…

“Yo Third Eye Blind, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish…but Three Six Mafia was one of the best JMU concerts of all time! OF ALL TIME!”

We are committed to not letting this happen.

– Steven Butler

Coffee: I’ll Never Let You Go

This post goes out to all those daring students who throw caution to the wind — those who say the swine flu warnings are probably over-exaggerated anyway, and that the recommended hours of sleep are just some arbitrary number — this post is for you guys.

picture from blog.symbian.orgSpecifically, I’m empathizing with all the modern rock enthusiasts that are camping out to get their tickets to Third Eye Blind early. Pulling all-nighters, no matter what activities I’m engaging in, is not something that I look forward to. When I have no other options; however, caffeine is the only resource that makes those ungodly morning hours somewhat bearable.

Some aspiring health nuts always try to tell me how terrible coffee is for me, or how my heart is going to explode after my usual 5 black cups a day. These people are unbelievably mistaken. I’m here to arm my fellow caffeine addicts with some facts justifying our affinity for the beverage. According to

  • While your teeth may not be the whitest and brightest, at least they’ll still be real in 50 years. Due to coffee’s antibacterial properties, it helps to fight off one of the major causes of cavities.
  • Just like the song, your heart too will go on. Coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory; therefore, helping to fight off heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the US.
  • It’s going to pump… up! The caffeine present is shown to be beneficial to drink both prior to a workout and following its completion. Your potential during the strenuous picture from gothamcityinsider.comactivity will increase, and ensuing the exercise the drink may aid in reducing muscle pain even better than ibuprofen.
  • During the college years, you may have embraced the “Natural” life a little too much. So you had the….”occasional”…. alcoholic beverage on one of those rare nights that UPB wasn’t offering an alternative program. Some studies have evidence that coffee helps to actually reduce cirrhosis of the liver.
  • You can have the steady hands of a surgeon. Those of you who shun coffee are 30% more likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease.

Mike Ditka said in best in Kicking & Screaming:

“Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions”

– Stephen

Third Eye Blind Update

Third Eye BlindHey guys, just thought you all would like some quick  updates on the fall concert situation.

Through the requests of the amazing VP of Marketing Zach Hamby, the band has approved for a meet and greet the night of the show. So we’ve decided that as a reward to those of you dedicated enough to brave the probable rain storms this Wednesday night, a lucky number of you will have the chance to actually hang out backstage with Third Eye Blind themselves. There will also be other prizes available, including tickets to go see Aziz Ansari, tickets to upcoming Grafton movies, posters, CDs, and other UPB parephenalia.

Also, we organized an agreement with Q101. So make sure to tune in to the radio the week of the show, because there will be chances to call in to win some free tickets.

– Stephen

Old Might be Gold, But New’s Not So Bad Either…

Growing up I played Third Eye Blind to death. I’m sure my family got tired of “Jumper,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” and my personal favorite “How’s It Going to Be.” As excited as I am about hearing these classics in a little over a month, I got slightly nervous when I found out that the band was releasing a CD with new material this summer. Ursa Major debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 — making it the band’s highest charting work to date. My worries were somewhat alleviated after this news, but I was still skeptical. At this point, I went to Grooveshark (better than Pandora) and listened to their new sound. After hearing the album, all I can say is that I am at a new level of anticipation for this October.

– Stephen

Third Eye Blind is Coming to JMU

That’s right. After the swirling rumors not just this year, but last year as well, UPB is proudly presenting Third Eye Blind as our fall concert. The show is going to be October 8th in Convo and since nothing quite compares to the alternative music of the 90’s I am positive I am not alone in feeling enthusiastic about this one.

Announcing our show may leave many wondering how the selection process works. Our middle agent Melissa provides us with a list of all touring artists available for the fall. Our budget restricts us from some of the grotesquely expensive entertainers…as if we could actually bring Lil Wayne guys. However, barring those exclusions the program board tries to make our concert as much of a student body decision as possible. You might recall a survey sitting in the inbox of your webmail a few months back. On this form you were given choices as to your top rock, rap, country, and comedy options.

Third Eye Blind

Angela, our director of Center Stage, then analyzed the results and reported the top options to the rest of Exec over the summer. Third Eye Blind was the overwhelming winner. When we initially approached them, they renegotiated their flat fee to become the most expensive show UPB’s brought to this campus, and the only date that they had available happened to be October 8th…. in other words a certain PR Director’s 21st birthday. We debated as a group and came to a consensus that 3EB was still far and away the best choice for JMU this year.

The 21st birthday is the most sacred day to the majority of college students. They feel that the world should bow down and the entire collegiate population should stop everything and help them celebrate their monumental occasion. I am no different than any of these people. However, if there was ever a reason to not be devastated that you have to work on your birthday… I’m going to have to say that it would be working with and having backstage access to a Third Eye Blind concert. Expect to hear a lot more about the band in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in a more in depth look behind the scenes you should read JMUWindbreaker ‘s latest post

– Stephen