Aziz Ansari…One Sexy Dude

For the past few weeks I have made flyers, handbills, Grafton slies, breeze ads….etc….dealing a lot with the face/body of Aziz Ansari. Also, the name “Aziz” is kind of sexy itself…exotic and memorable, just like he is. I must admit he is a pretty sexy guy. I stare at his face on a daily basis….it leaves a haunting image that doesn’t seem to leave my mind. I am pumped to finally meet him in person today!! Take advantage of the last chance to buy tickets for the show this afternoon at warren box office…Trust me, you want a piece of Aziz. Not only is he HILARIOUS, but you also want to make the new marketing chair of special events (ME) look good…so just come to the show….you know you want to…and I want you to….so be there! It will totally be worth it!! I wish everyone a happy Friday!!!

Aziz Ansari

P.S. I can’t believe they are giving away two U2 tickets at the show!! This is SUPER exciting news for all you U2 fans and kudos to UPB for being AWESOME!!

<33 Jamie

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