Get to Know: UPB’s Director of Interactive Promotions

Director of Interactive Promotions, Lacey Johnson

Ever walk through the Commons on campus with your headphones in, head down, or pretending to answer a fake phone call so you don’t have to take the flyers people are passing out?  Well, it’s my job to interest you in taking a flyer about the events hosted by the University Program Board! As theDirector of Interactive Promotions I’m essentially the director of “creative marketing.”  I help brainstorm and implement out-of-the-box marketing strategies outside of just handing out flyers and social media marketing.  Word of mouth is one of the greatest ways to market any event.  So, I try to coordinate marketing that gets the students of James Madison talking about our events.

One of my many jobs is to coordinate staffing, activities, and logistics for Crazy Commons and any event made to specifically promote UPB events.  I also lead and communicate with the five Interactive Promotions Chairs that represent the five committees within UPB. My favorite part about being Interactive Promotions Director is finding new and fun ways to get people excited about the 200 plus UPB events throughout the year!  Outside of my position, I’ve really enjoy being in the UPB office more and getting to know the hundred plus members that make up this awesome organization!