Homecoming Late Night Breakfast

There are many things to look forward to during the week before homecoming.  There are the tremendously long lines to try to get a purple out shirt, the anticipation of who will win the banner contest, and of course, the excitement for the homecoming game.  Sadly, not all of us were lucky enough to snag a ticket for the game.  So what do we have left to look forward to? The Homecoming Late Night Breakfast of course!

Thursday night gives all students an opportunity to celebrate being a Duke.  People can start tailgating early with all the tailgate games or spend their time riding the mechanical football or show off their JMU knowledge by participating in JMU trivia.  And if that were not enough, there is chances to win Chiddy Bang meet and greets!  So continue the celebration of being a JMU Duke and come to Late Night Breakfast tonight, from 10:00 pm to 12:00 am in E-hall! See you there.

~Stephanie Dinan, Spotlight Sounds & Film Committees

An Awkward Office

“Horrible Bosses” introduced the world to one of the best worst pick-up lines to ever come out of the movies. Brought to us courtesy of Jason Sudeikis, the line goes as follows: “I’d like to bend her over a barrel & show her the fifty states, if you know what I mean.”
       Pick-up lines aside, “Horrible Bosses” made me think about all the awkward interactions I’ve had with people in the workplace. The job position I’ve held for the past four years is in the summer, and I’m a music teacher at a Jewish summer camp (yeah, I know- how much more cliche can I get?). Add kids into any work equation and awkwardness will be multiplied by ten. Exhibit A: every Thursday, our camp has a all-ages shaving cream fight, and kids are provided with two handfuls of shaving cream to smear on anyone within arm’s reach. Despite their short arms, little kids have a surprisingly vicious range. Their range, for some reason, is also directly targeted at the most inappropriate areas possible. After a shaving cream fight, counselors emerge somewhat traumatized from the systemic spacial violation from kids who do not know better. This does, however, make for some hilarious pictures, none of which I can include due to copyright reasons (not really, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
      Another awkward interaction present at Jewish summer camp is the whole professional standard thing. Many of the songs that I teach in the summer have some great hand & body motions- we surf, we swim, we do the twist, we do the hokey-pokey, and we make some really funny faces. With the kids, this is totally normal behavior, but whenever any adults that don’t work for the camp have to come into the music room to retrieve things, they usually stare at me like I have spontaneously sprouted an extra limb (and an unattractive limb at that) when they find me running around like a loon, emitting strange noises, or dancing like Elvis. This has led to some interesting conversations after the fact, some of which go like this: “Elyse, what song were you singing with the kids earlier? You were dancing like you were a squid that had been attacked by a radioactive laser beam.” I usually have no answer but have to smile and nod, and sometimes I will say, “I thought I was, in fact, emulating a spastic ostrich” and then let the hilarity ensue.
    The long & short of it is- work at a summer camp and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. And also you should probably go see “Horrible Bosses,” playing at Grafton next week.
~Elyse Krachman, Film Committee

NASCAR: A Way of Life

“Martinsville…a small town with limitless opportunities”.

The City of Martinsville means so much to not only where I’m from, but to the woman I have become today.

To some, Martinsville only holds a Walmart, a few Mexican restaurants and a lot of land to do absolutely nothing with; to others this small town holds thousands of the nation’s die hard NASCAR fans. Twice a year, these fans gather at the Martinsville Speedway for a weekend of booze, cars crashing, and large men screaming at the top of their lungs. NASCAR to these fans is more than just a weekend full of adventure…it’s a way of life.

This week at Grafton Theatre, Fast Five, directed by Justin Lin, will be playing at 9:30 PM Wednesday-Saturday.

If watching cars race for their lives around a 5 mile track really “revs your engine” than this movie is a must see for you! So come to Grafton for a newly released $2.50 movie and delicious $ .50 popcorn! We hope to see you there!

~Maggie Pilson, Film Committee 

Football Fun and E-Hall Late Night Breakfast

This past weekend was the first JMU home football game, and I couldn’t have had any more fun! Not only did I get to watch my favorite football team win the game, but I also got to experience the exciting atmosphere of the new and improved Bridgeforth Stadium! Before the game, my friends and I had so much fun eating hot dogs and hamburgers, and playing games like ladder golf and corn hole. Everyone was dressed in all of their JMU apparel, and I was even sporting my new football jersey that I had just bought from the bookstore. It was a blast!

The next home football game isn’t until homecoming week, which unfortunately is almost two weeks away! Although I will definitely try and watch these next two weeks of football games on TV or online, it is no where near as fun as the actual game. I can’t wait until the JMU Dukes take on Richmond on Saturday, October 1st! I also can’t wait for all the exciting events that go along with homecoming week, like the homecoming themed Late Night Breakfast on September 29th in East Campus Dining Hall! It’s Co-Sponsored with Homecoming Committee and its going to be an awesome event: Free Food (s’more pancakes), mechanical “footbull” (a football that you ride like a mechanical bull), and many prizes!

~Jenna Goff, Spirit & Traditions

Get a Piece of Everyone’s Heart

Being a super senior this year and just getting out of the athletic world, I never really knew about all the talent people who walk around Harrisonburg and JMU’s campus each and everyday.  Since becoming involved in two different organizations this year, my outlook on talent has broadened exponentially.

For example, this Wednesday night in TDU is a UPB Presents… Spotlight Series featuring Everyone’s Heart and let me just tell you, their music is phenomenal.  As a four member acoustic indie rock group, they take songs and turn them into something original.

The Spotlight Sounds committee of UPB is even letting you contribute to the show’s design!  Today, tomorrow and even Wednesday afternoon you and your friends can be apart of the backdrop for the show.  Come by TDU after you grab your Dukes or Top Dog for lunch and trace your hand inside a heart (get it, everyone’s heart) and write something nice inside your hand. Then, come back on Wednesday and see your contribution to Harrisonburg’s talent.

If you are in need of a study break, a hump day treat (because, oh yea, there are FREE COOKIES!) or just want to expand what you think Harrisonburg has to offer, come check out Everyone’s Heart on Wednesday in TDU from 7-8.  I promise you won’t be disappointed with their sound, the atmosphere, or the treats.

~Kelly Johnson, Campus & Community Outreach Chair for Spotlight Sounds

Film is More than Just Grafton

1. The Movies
Love good movies? So do we! Not only do we get to see a ton of awesome movies (usually for free) but we get to discuss, promote, and bring said awesome movies to campus. Plus, you always have a friend to go with.

2. The Puns
It is rare in the world to find such a clever group of young citizens. Are our meetings much like a standup comedy routine? Does laughter and joy fill the room between 9pm and 10pm every Monday? Yes and yes. Besides the delightful T-shirts and inspiring ice-breakers, our meetings are less like meetings-more like the highlight of your week. We are productive, but can still have a ton of fun.

3. The 411
Wondering what movies are playing this week? No, you’re not. Because you already know! Because you voted and helped choose them! Because you made/hung/designed the flyer! Because you made the banner! Because you are probably working on one of them! Filmies never miss out on Grafton’s great selection each month. Get in the know.

4.  The resume, the internship, the leadership experience
UPB has immeasurable weight from an employer stand point. Not only have you gained experience in working with a team, leading others and planning event, but you’re resume just got amazing. Especially if you’re interested in going into some potentially film-related position- Jackpot.

5. The Friendships
More than anything, you’ll find that most UPBers aren’t there for the bullet point on their resume but for the connections they’ve made. There are so many great people to meet and working with them frequently feels like not working at all. Whether it is a social at the skating rink or just hanging out at Grafton- the friendships pull you in so much more than any sign-up sheet or roster ever could.

6. The Memories

Likewise, college truly is more than just classes. For me, it’s laughing with filmies during a matinee or dancing around during a meeting. You will forget GCOM, you will never tell you grandchildren about D-hall (omitting Grilled Cheese Thursday) but playing your entire body blue and running around for the Avatar screening,sleeping on the Quad for the Inception matinee, or dressing up like a Wizard for the final Harry Potter. There is nothing else like it on JMU campus as well as in the real world. So get it while you can.  I urge you to apply to UPB and experience Film, it definitely one of the best choices I have made. Applications are available on the website and are due in the office by 5pm 9/16/11.

~ Sydney McKenney, Film Committee 

A Freakin’ Funny Series

Last Friday marked the beginning of a hilarious year with UPB’s first Funny Freakin’ Friday (FFF) of the series.  Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland, not Clayton– Holland graced the TDU stage and brought down the house with his uncle-to-a-1-year-old anecdotes and audience interaction.

One lucky audience member dressed in Cincinnati gear was the go-to guy of the night, as him and his friends were repeatedly referred to as “Cincinnati and the Boys,” a name Cayton-Holland claimed would skyrocket them to fame once they formed a band right after he got off stage. He closed his set with an epic conversation about ivory-billed woodpecker specimens between the Natural History Museum in New York City and himself.

If you missed the first FFF of the year, mark the first Friday of every month in your calendar! Funny Freakin’ Friday is a monthly event and there are always free, hot, nomulous cookies, donated by Campus Cookies!!


-Kate Shamlian, Spirit and Traditions Outreach Chair