Want to meet Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

Here are the official ways to win meet and greet passes to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with opener YONAS show on April 8, 2013 at the Convocation Center at JMU. Each winner will get to bring a friend to … Continue reading

Why Center Stage Keeps Our Concerts Secret

Although we may have an artist contracted for some time, we are unable to announce who it is for a few months.
While sometimes it is difficult to keep this secret from our friends and classmates, there
are a few important reasons why we cannot release the name until closer to the show
date. One of the first reasons we have to keep the artist a secret is because of the signing
terms with most artists. Many contracts require us to keep their show silent until
they have a chance to announce their touring schedule. Another reason involving the
artists is for the sheer fact that anything can happen and they could cancel on us at the
last second. By announcing the performer closer to the date, we try to reduce that risk
of disappointment (for the students and the public relations side of UPB). Probably the
biggest reason we keep our concerts a secret is for a greater marketing and advertising
buzz. By keeping the concert a secret, we hope to create chatter among the student
community and increase the interest of the preforming artist. When I first came to JMU,
UPB would make a banner and announce the artist on Crazy Commons; however, over
the past few years UPB has worked to create the announcement into an event. Last year
UPB announced Passion Pit at the Headphone Disco, which required a lot of work and
planning but made for an exciting reveal. Once we sign with the artists, we will begin
strategizing the best way to announce their performance. So keep a look out and follow
the UPB Twitter and Facebook for any upcoming news and events regarding our new
artist and the reveal!

Elaine Lichtman, Center Stage Member
The #CONVO2013 show will be announced at Crazy Commons on February 19 at 12:17p!

Miley Cyrus: There’s No Party at JMU

It somehow happens every year. The student population is briefly conned into thinking that UPB is bringing the biggest music craze to JMU. From a Lil’ Wayne concert to a Three 6 Mafia afterparty, we’ve seen a lot of pranks pulled around this campus in the past. As the PR Director, I was really happy that we didn’t have any episodes so far this year. That was, of course, until Monday morning.

“Miley Cyrus JMU 2010.” Posters claiming the teen sensation was making a trip down to Harrisonburg were planted all over campus (apparently someone still had energy after the rave in the library). Making matters worse, the fliers gave not only details about the date, time, and price, but it also displayed the UPB logo and a replicated stamp of approval.

Fortunately, after some damage control with our Facebook and Twitter accounts, nobody seemed too upset that the Hannah Montana star was not performing in our Convocation Center. I apologize to any avid fans, but in addition to the fact that the pop singer does not tour colleges, she’s also absurdly expensive. So we could either charge everyone several hundred dollars more tuition… or not have Miley for our concert. We choose our battles here at UPB.

Time for the good news. We’re in the final stages of executing our Wilson show contract! Make sure to look for the announcement over break.

– Stephen