From the Waist Down… and a side of Humor Column

I saw Michelle Buteau at the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in October. The comedian had the pleasure of hosting one of the showcases, and I had the pleasure of falling in love with her! Maybe it was the ghetto side of me, the one that snaps her fingers and swings her head back saying, “Get it gurl!!”

You may be wondering what the title “From the Waist Down” is all about . That’s her signature saying. It’s like adding “in bed” after every fortune cookie (if you’ve never done that you should, it’s hilarious!!) After the showcase I made the rest of our program board run with me to meet Michelle. I stood in line for 30 minutes so I could get a photo and autograph. Then I turned to her agent and said, “I want her at JMU!” We started working on a contract there and I began the anxious wait to see my straight crush again =)

The combination of Michelle Buteau and humorist Michael Larrick from The Breeze has pushed this Funny Freakin’ Friday on February 5th to my number one all time event! I’ve worked on a lot of events with UPB and seen some pretty amazing people. None compare to the happiness in my heart right now. So be there! And get yourself some free Campus Cookies too!! =)

– Patrick

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