A Tribute to Late Night Breakfast

Being at school I learned a ton

That JMU is number one!

I’m almost complete with my degree

No more schoolwork, yippee!

But then I sit and ponder

After JMU, where will I wonder?

I am now almost grown up

What a shock, I may throw up.

I wish I could go back to the day

Where I would climb and play.

Instead of deciding on a major,

My main problem: picking a Popsicle flavor.

But UPB gives me one last night

To keep my youth present and bright.

From Late Night Breakfast: Act Like a Kid Again

I know my young spirit will never end.

With graduation approaching faster than I think, I know that I am going to Late Night Breakfast: Act Like a Kid Again and to regain my youth. I hope to see everyone there at 9 to watch a free movie on the lawn: Little Rascals and join me for some fun-filled festivities!

~Natalie Hamlin, Spirit & Traditions Outreach Chair

Get To Know…Outreach Chair

This year, my involvement in UPB has been absolutely amazing with my new-found leadership responsibilities.  I currently serve as the outreach chair for the Spirit and Traditions committee. This position has allowed me to work the other organizations on and off campus in a relationship with UPB events. Some of these organizations include, New and Improv’d, Best Buddies, and Campus Cookies!

Being an outreach chair has been beyond an amazing experience and I am so sad that my tenure in this position is coming to and end in a few weeks. If you like working with people, exercising leadership skills, and learning more about networking, this would be an excellent position to look into and I highly encourage you to apply.  Applications are due this Friday at 5 PM!

~Natalie Hamlin, Outreach Chair Spirits & Traditions

Missing the Family

I am beginning my third year away from home now. Being on my own has taught me a lot about independence, living with others, and time management. Not having a curfew and being treated like an adult by my professors is also a plus. I am definitely enjoying my freedom away from home, except for one thing. I miss my mommy.

Now, I am from California, so my mother is a long plane flight away and it is almost impossible to visit home and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer: fresh-baked cookies and milk, family gossip, warm Sunday breakfasts, walks on the beach, funny movies, and more. Though I could do all these things without mom, it just not the same. We have a connection. The woman gave me life for crying out loud!

Thankfully, she misses me just as much and will be flying to Harrisonburg on the first Friday of October to visit for Family Weekend! Now I have been debating on what there is for a mom to do in the college scene–because let’s face it–moms don’t exactly fit in all that well. I was in need of family fun that was a little more mature than a G-rated movie. After looking at the event schedule, I realized that the comedian, Nore Davis, will be performing in TDU for Funny Freakin Friday. A free comedian is a perfect family event! For those of you that are also trying to find fun things to do with your family with a little explicit content, come out to Funny Freaking Friday on October 1st (8 PM in Taylor Down Under) and turn “family fun” into “family funny!”

~Natalie Hamlin, Spirit & Traditions Campus & Community Outreach Chair

Who Dun It?

Being wrongfully accused of a crime is probably one of the most helpless and frustrating situations I have ever experienced. Last weekend, I was hanging out with some friends in the village and, upon leaving in the chilly air with a small white cardigan, I received a text message from my friend, Sean. “Hey, did you steal my hoodie?” Now at this point, I was completely perplexed. Thinking I may be the crazy one, I went through pictures from that evening in their suite. There were no images of me with the stolen zip-up. I was also extremely heated it was completely unfathomable to Sean that it may be somewhere in the mess of six boys’ dorm room, strewn with clothing, mirror art, waffle-ball bats, pizza boxes, Snuggies—you name it, it is in this suite. Why would a jacket not be lost here, is what I’m saying.

With this new proof of my innocence, I called him and we continued aggressively bantering about this zip-up that he wanted me to return. I irritably hung up the phone and was completely confused as to why accusing me of theft would be the immediate action that should take place. I was furthermore debating the likelihood of him being slipped a hallucinogen or becoming schizophrenic in the last 48 hours. After about an hour I found a text message from Sean that read, “Apparently someone found my hoodie, because it is folded on my bed. I’m sorry.”

I was very reluctant to accept Sean’s apologetic text because his lack of detective skills led him to insult my character. I said I would forgive him if he got some practice for the next time something went missing. Sean and company will be attending the Murder Mystery Dinner in the Highlands Room in Festival on Thursday, April 29th 2010. Like a life-size game of Clue, they will be interacting with actors to figure out “who done it.” The event will begin at 8pm with a free desert bar. The theme, “Very Desperate Housewives,” will allow Sean to repair his lack of problem-solving skills in a fun and sweet environment with friends. This is a free event, and I strongly encourage everyone to attend because when housewives are very desperate, foul play is sure to take place.

– Natalie

The Rules to Make Sex Rule

I remember it was about a week before my first day of high school. Dad and I were driving to the video rental place to rent a VHS (oh those were the days). It was on the way in the car that Dad wanted to give me the “talk.” What is this “talk” you may ask? We have all experienced it. It’s the dreaded conversation about hormones, changing bodies, sexual exploration and the like, that no awkward 13 year-old wants to discuss with their parents who “don’t understand them.” I did everything I could, minus jumping out of a moving vehicle, to get away from this conversation. I blasted Dad’s favorite station, National Public Radio and pretended to rock out; I changed the subject and rolled down the window to scream for help. With force from a stern voice I stopped my shenanigans and as he continued talking about my “needs,” I covered my ears, closed my eyes and started singing “I can’t hear you! LA LA LA!” He gave up. Muahaha— I won.

Looking back, I’m sure my father had some important information to advise to me, but being an immature teen I didn’t take in any of his considerations for my well being. Thankfully, I was intelligent enough to make good choices in vulnerable situations. Sadly, other people aren’t so lucky. In fact, due to the taboo on conversations about sex, I find that many are incredibly unknowledgeable from never talking about it. Most of my information comes from gossiping with friends and asking my more experienced peers questions. I say it’s time to stop all the whispering and someone should pull back the curtain and talk about sex!

Well that time has arrived. Maria Falzone will be coming to JMU and putting on a program called Sex Rules. Falzone, the #1 comedy show on the college circuit in the U.S., teaches about sex safety, self-respect, and how to make doing “it” better than ever! She will be shedding light on a less talked about subject, a subject that everyone should really learn more about. So come on out and learn the sex rules to make sex rule!

– Natalie

3 Minute Crash Course in Dating

When I came to JMU as a freshman, I was so excited to leave old high school romance and move on to my sophisticated, handsome, gentlemanly, and soon-to-be successful boyfriend. This prince charming persona of a mate was one that I thought would be unproblematic to discover. We would fall in love, get married, have two kids, a big house, and a golden retriever behind a white-picket fence—Okay, so maybe a bit of a stretch but a girl can dream right?

But I’m not the only one dreaming. My guy friends complain that they can’t find a lovely lady with whom they see a future and I constantly hear girls use the words “I can’t stand men.” Who would have thought at a school filled with friendly people, we would have trouble finding a romantic match? We all know the select few couples that we see cuddling on the quad, so in love. Along with reminding you of your terrible love life, and sex life for that matter, they make you want to either vomit or find someone that makes you as happy as they are.

With Valentine’s Day rolling around, being single can seem more depressing than ever. However, there may be a solution to finding the cheese to your macaroni. Speed Dating. Here, you will be lined up to have three-minute conversations and have several dates in one night. So stop sitting and complaining about how you’re going to die alone or be a crazy cat lady and come out and meet some folks! Who knows, you may even spend your first three minutes with the love of your life.

– Natalie

Hanging Out With Corey Smith

In early June of last year, I had the pleasure of seeing Corey Smith play in Lexington with some friends. His music, which created a category of its own, resonated in the intimate outdoor arena of Washington and Lee University.  When we arrived at the venue, I began making my way down a dirt path and could already hear his blissful and catchy music. “Are they playing his CD before the show?!” I asked. When I reached the performance area, I was shocked to see him on stage. Never have I heard an artist sound so much like his recordings. In this day and age, every popular artist that we come across has had their voice so mechanically fine-tuned that it doesn’t even sound human. Then we pay an arm and a leg to go to the concert and hear their music sound nothing as we expected. Corey Smith is one-hundred percent all natural — the real deal. He is what we want out of a musical artist – what a musician is supposed to be.

Beyond his voice, Corey’s lyrics are sincere. He sings about “college towns,”“wishing he was 21,” and high school graduation. These are all ideas to which college students can certainly relate. Having a friend in the fraternity that sponsored the concert, my friend Ashley and I were able to hang out with Corey after the concert. He was relaxed and chill to say the least. He didn’t just stand there and take pictures, but mingled with us. We talked about school and life. Answering our questions sincerely and honestly, he, in turn, asked us questions about our interests. Our star-struck fronts came down when we got a chance to hang out with the band, and it was an experience unlike any other.

I can easily see Corey going big places soon and his setting as a semi-known artist is sure to transform. His music is effortlessly relatable and is a class of country-acoustic-alternative that anyone can enjoy. I feel so lucky to see him for a second time here at JMU; it is truly a magical performance. You can bet anything that I’ll be at the Corey Smith concert on February 11. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 22 and I hope to see you all their too.  The experience of this genuine artist is one that everyone should have.

– Natalie