Corey Smith Knows How to Live “The Good Life”

You all voted, and we listened. Corey Smith won the most votes for our Wilson show this spring and UPB is proud to bring him to James Madison University on February 11, 2010. Even those of us who don’t normally identify ourselves as country fans seem to find something alluring about the modern, upbeat style of the singer’s music.

Despite gaining a bit of fame in the last few years, the modern country artist refuses to let the escalating pressures affect his personality. His upbringings in a small town in Georgia shine through in his work, especially his new release Keeping Up with the Joneses. Songs like ‘Twenty-One” and “If I Could Do It Again” make you want to simply forget about your troubles, lay back, and hang out with old friends. Smith is so dedicated to his down-to-earth stance on the music industry that he has his music available for free on his website. This modest attitude flows seamlessly with the JMU students and the  intimate setting of Wilson Hall.

Tickets will be on sale starting January 22. Look for more behind the scenes information about the concert in the coming weeks — including how to win a chance to meet Corey Smith himself.

– Stephen

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