Get To Know…VP of Membership Development

There are a million and three reasons why the VP of Membership Development is the best position to hold on Exec.  I spend my days doing exactly as the title says, developing members.  From new members of UPB, to current members, I am fortunate enough to work with them all.  My favorite part about my position is not being restricted to just one committee.

I facilitated picking the new members, as well as training them during P.I.T. Crew (Programmers in Training).  This means that every Sunday evening for six weeks, I spent an hour getting to know 60 amazing people.  After orienting them to UPB, I was able to really focus on the rest of our members.   My most recent projects include implementing ways to recognize our members for all of their hard work, as well as planning a UPB-wide game of Assassins.  My other responsibilities include holding current members accountable and planning professional development activities.

If you enjoy meeting new people, or working with people in general, this position is perfect for you!

~Courtney Tubbs, VP of Membership Development