Get To Know…UPB’s VP of Marketing and Communication

Be prepared for the unexpected. As VP of Marketing and Communication I oversee a lot of different marketing related tasks. One of those tasks is promotion meet and greets with the artist of the event. Weeks of planning go into the meet and greet. First, we have to deal with talent management and our middle agent to get approval. Next comes figuring out the right way to give out the passes so we can hopefully increase ticket sales. Then we create the logistics of how the meet and greet will go at the event.

But after all that planning something always seems to change and keep me on my toes. Whether it’s a room change for B.o.B., Michael Ian Black having an open meet and greet that 250 students want pictures and autographs, or my personal favorite Corey Smith changing the time of the meet and greet from before the show to after (and telling me a story when one meet and greet winner bit him). After all the planning and all the changes I still enjoy what I do, and if you can plan as well as problem solve so can you.

~ Zach Hamby, VP of Marketing and Communication