The 60/40 Ratio At Its Finest

Next source of stress and anxiety: Valentine’s Day. Ladies, relax, he’ll ask you. Fellas, the pressure is on. You may have someone in mind, but you don’t know exactly where to go from there.

Well, aren’t you in luck?! Here we have some pointers on unique things to do around JMU’s beautiful campus. Day or night, we have scoped out some of the finest spots that suffice as date-material without emptying your pockets.

When the sun goes down…

    First up is a classic: some chow. Downtown is a great place to go, filled with Harrisonburg gems such as Dave’s, Clementine’s, and Ham’s. Now I know it’s no D-Hall but it should do the trick. These places all have great atmosphere and are reasonably priced!
    Come to campus and hit up Grafton to see what movies are playing! After dinner, you’ll probably have time to catch a 9pm showing. Only $2.50! $3 total if you want popcorn! Who says you have to spend big bucks on a date?

Some daytime digs…

    Take a trip to the Dayton Farmer’s Market. Make a meal together! This is a great stop for picking up locally grown food. Not only can you cook, you’re concerned about the environment and sustainability as well! There are also local vendors selling unique gift items, toys, and jewelry!

    JMU has its very own beautoretum, the Arb. Saturday afternoons in the Arb aren’t as cheesy as they sound. If it’s sunny one day, go for it! They have two little parking lots so you can drive yourself, your date, and a picnic basket over to nature’s best and use the picnic tables by the pond. Weeping Willow and waterfall included!
    After that walk in the Arb, you can head to Greenberries. They have a great selection and comfy chairs where you can sit and chat. When it gets a little warmer, they even have outdoor seating! This is a fantastic way to spend the late afternoon hours warming up and calming down, and your date is sure to love it!

Now that you have a reservoir of great date spots in the Burg, day and night, get out there and find your date! You’ve still got some time for Valentine’s Day, where UPB is providing the knock-out punch: Sex Rules is taking place on Friday, February 12th at 8pm in Memorial Auditorium. See you ladies and gents there!

– Amy