The Real World

My life growing up was a little bit different than most kids. Up until high school, my parents had a strict “no television” rule on school days, and even on the weekends the amount of time my two younger brothers and I were allowed to spend watching TV was limited. Me being the mischievous person I’ve always been, I obviously found ways around this rule. One day, I was over at my best friend’s house when I had my first interaction with reality TV. When she asked me if I had seen the latest episode of “The Real World”, I told her I hadn’t seen it, let alone heard of it, and she reacted as if I was insane! She briefed me on the premise of the show and described all the characters, and to be honest I was confused as to what the point of reality television was. I didn’t understand why watching the lives of individuals other than myself could be interesting. To me, watching people go out and live their lives when I could be out living my own life seemed silly. However, after that first dose of reality television, I was instantly hooked, and now it’s safe to say that reality television one of my “guilty pleasures”.

I have quite a few reality shows that I can’t miss each week, but I’ll always consider “The Real World” my favorite. When I was younger I literally thought these “seven strangers” had the coolest lives. I always joked around about how I was going to apply the second I was old enough, but deep down being on the “The Real World” was something I really wanted to achieve. Call me crazy, but I think an opportunity to pick up your life and live somewhere else with complete strangers, making memories along the way seems like a pretty awesome way to live for a few months. Once I was in college I was worried that if I was actually chosen to go on the show that it could potentially harm my future chances at a successful career. However, I’m a free spirit and I tend to take chances and when my friends started bugging me to apply because they all thought I’d be a perfect candidate, I eventually made moves. After I applied, months later I received a call from Bunim-Murray Entertainment, and Iiterally screamed out in excitement in ECL. Unfortunately, due to a conflict with finals week, I was unable to attend the next interview. I’m planning on applying again this year, and I really hope I get it. I graduate this May, and I definitely wouldn’t mind putting the real world on hold to be on “The Real World”. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on TV one day!

~Amanda Corbelli, Center Stage Admin Chair