My First Concert

I got ready that evening feeling apprehensive at best. At the tender age of fourteen, I was going to my very first concert without parental supervision. To sweeten the deal, I had a date, a real live date! I was trying way too hard to act as though I didn’t care. “This is no big deal, it’s just a little concert,” I told myself. Who was I fooling? This was the biggest thing since the first time I slow-danced at the Spring Fling! I slipped on my most nonchalant black t-shirt (and some spike earrings, I am ashamed to admit), put on my beat-up converse sneakers, and sauntered outside to meet Corey so we could walk downtown together.
My hands were so clammy when we finally got downtown. By the time we paid for our tickets and got those violent black Xs on our hands (wow this was too cool for words), I was so nervous that I thought I might seriously upchuck on my sneakers (the strobe lights definitely didn’t help, either).
Suddenly, the show started, and everything started to make more sense. Corey and I managed to make our way to the front of the crowd. He went off to “mosh” with some of his friends and I danced with some friends by the keyboardist, Dave Trichter, all but swooning over his deft fingers, all fears abandoned. 

If there’s one thing you can learn from my middle school experience (aside from the fact that middle school is a good time for no one), it’s that a good dose of Hotspur can cure any malady. I still have my copy of their debut album, Beta, that I bought that night. If you don’t believe me (or even if you do), you can have your very own Hotspur experience, completely for free! Just stroll on down to TDU on October 13th at 8:00 pm to hear some sweet melodies that are sure to lift your spirits! Don’t worry, I’ll leave my spike earrings at home this time.
~Carleigh Boyd, Spotlight Sounds

Spotlight Series

Last year 80One Records (the UPB student-run record label) transitioned into a booking and marketing agency focused on giving exposure to new and upcoming local/regional artists. Our new committee, dubbed Spotlight Sounds, has been focusing on different ways to bring artists to JMU through a variety of events. One event we have created is called Spotlight Series.  The Spotlight Series will be held on the second Wednesday of every month in TDU.  The series is meant to bring a variety of performers to the TDU stage in hopes of giving students the enjoyment of new music for FREE!! 

Trinity Edralin, a sophomore at JMU, will be the first performer to kick off our series.  She’s performed at tunes at noon, played sets in TDU, and just recently opened for The Accents Tour. Trinity is also known on a broader scale, playing headlining shows in Richmond’s The National and singing the National Anthem at Nationals Stadium this summer. In the summer of 2009, Trinity recorded her EP with Jason Mraz’s producers. You can check out some of her videos here:

Trinity will be kicking off the Spotlight Series TONIGHT at 8 PM in TDU!

As the year progresses our committee will be focusing on the different genres we can book and market as well as giving many performers the opportunity to play in JMU’s comfy TDU setting.