Get To Know…Public Relations Director

As the Public Relations Director for the University Program Board, my days are never boring.  My main duties as the PR director are vast.  I act as the official “voice” of UPB whenever dealing with the press, media, and any other outside organizations or businesses.  This can be in the form of press releases, interviews, or answering any questions they might have in relation to our events.  I’m also a member of the marketing team, working with the Creative Director, VP of Marketing, and the Marketing Chairs to coordinate all advertising efforts of UPB and to increase our brand recognition.   In addition to the marketing chairs, I also oversee the Campus Outreach Chairs.  As a team, we reach out to various on and off campus organizations and businesses that relate to our events, as well as coordinate the Grafton Stovall slide and commercial advertisement sales.

One of the most fun aspects of my job is being in charge of all UPB’s social media.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or this blog, I manage it all.  Who else is lucky enough to HAVE to tweet and work on Facebook updating statuses all day!  It’s my job to update JMU students on all of our events, and get them to come!  I also get to offer a behind the scenes look into what UPB does through this blog.  It’s a great way to help bring our organization closer to everyone at JMU.

If you love being social, whether it’s dealing with press and media, or being in charge of social media, this job is perfect for you!

~Mitch Ramey, Public Relation Director