Who Dun It?

Being wrongfully accused of a crime is probably one of the most helpless and frustrating situations I have ever experienced. Last weekend, I was hanging out with some friends in the village and, upon leaving in the chilly air with a small white cardigan, I received a text message from my friend, Sean. “Hey, did you steal my hoodie?” Now at this point, I was completely perplexed. Thinking I may be the crazy one, I went through pictures from that evening in their suite. There were no images of me with the stolen zip-up. I was also extremely heated it was completely unfathomable to Sean that it may be somewhere in the mess of six boys’ dorm room, strewn with clothing, mirror art, waffle-ball bats, pizza boxes, Snuggies—you name it, it is in this suite. Why would a jacket not be lost here, is what I’m saying.

With this new proof of my innocence, I called him and we continued aggressively bantering about this zip-up that he wanted me to return. I irritably hung up the phone and was completely confused as to why accusing me of theft would be the immediate action that should take place. I was furthermore debating the likelihood of him being slipped a hallucinogen or becoming schizophrenic in the last 48 hours. After about an hour I found a text message from Sean that read, “Apparently someone found my hoodie, because it is folded on my bed. I’m sorry.”

I was very reluctant to accept Sean’s apologetic text because his lack of detective skills led him to insult my character. I said I would forgive him if he got some practice for the next time something went missing. Sean and company will be attending the Murder Mystery Dinner in the Highlands Room in Festival on Thursday, April 29th 2010. Like a life-size game of Clue, they will be interacting with actors to figure out “who done it.” The event will begin at 8pm with a free desert bar. The theme, “Very Desperate Housewives,” will allow Sean to repair his lack of problem-solving skills in a fun and sweet environment with friends. This is a free event, and I strongly encourage everyone to attend because when housewives are very desperate, foul play is sure to take place.

– Natalie