April Showers Bring… Grafton Movies

April showers bring May flowers…  and so we begin the 4-week countdown to exams. What should you do to distress from the upcoming exams? Come out to Grafton! This month is going to be absolutely amazing with the movies we are bringing. To start out the month, we have Leap Year and Invictus.

At 7 PM the theater will go dark and we will be swept away into the story of Anna Brady, played by Amy Adams. Anna is a woman who is determined to propose to her boyfriend on February 29, Leap Day. However, a bad storm forces her plane to divert to Wales. In order to make it to Dublin on time, she hires an Irish innkeeper, Declan, to drive her across Ireland. On the way, the pair encounters many troubles and barely make it to Dublin on time. Once there, Anna’s boyfriend proposes…. but will she accept?

At 9:30 PM, we get to watch Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in a drama that is sure to be a film to remember. The film follows the story of Nelson Mandela as he is released from prison and elected as President of South Africa. In order to bring his divided country together, Mandela places his support into the national rugby team- the Springboks. Mandela joins forces with captain Francois Pienaar (Damon) to rally the country and bring the un-ranked team to a World Cup win.

Let’s make this last month of classes worth it… and come out to Grafton! Tickets are $2.50 and popcorn is only 50 cents. The box office closes promptly at show time, so make sure you get there early!

– Christine

This Week At Grafton

Another week has passed and we are one step closer to Spring Break… hold on JMU- it will get here! To keep you from overloading on classes, Grafton has brought two great movies!

At 7:00, we are showing The Princess and the Frog. The first animated Disney movie since Home on the Range in 2004, this film was nominated for many awards, including ‘best original song.’ The story follows Tiana, a young girl working as a waitress in order to save money to start a restaurant- her father’s dream before he passed away. She was struggling until an old friend hired her to cater a party in which Prince Naveen is supposed to be attending. The money received from the friend, Charlotte, is enough for Tiana to buy a place to start her restaurant. However, the realtors tell her that someone else is looking at the property and offered more money. Distraught, Tiana walks out onto a balcony only to find a talking frog. Featuring the first African American “princess,” “The Princess and the Frog” may prove to be one of the best modern Disney movies.

At 9:30, we originally had The Blind Side scheduled. However, the film company decided to have an extended release with the Oscars fast approaching, so colleges won’t be able to show the movie until March. However, we are able to bring Brothers Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Toby Maguire and Natalie Portman, the movie tells the story of two brothers, Sam (Maguire) and Tommy (Gyllenhaal) who are complete opposites. Sam is a Marine about to embark on his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan, married to his high school sweetheart, and has two young daughters. Tommy is a drifter, fresh out of jail, and getting by on wit and charm. When Sam’s helicopter is shot down, he is presumed dead and Tommy steps in to fill the void in Sam’s family. Through his maturing, Tommy and Grace (Portman) begin to feel a mutual attraction. But Sam is not dead, he was captured by Taliban fighters who tortured him within an inch of his humanity. His unexpected return throws the family for a loop- especially with his new withdrawn and volatile personality. Eventually, the two brothers must confront each other, a challenge that they may not walk away from.

So depending on your mood, you have two great movies to choose from. Grafton tickets are only $2.50 with 50 cent popcorn! If you were able to get one of our free Grafton mugs from Crazy Commons on Tuesday, you can bring that in to get ½  off popcorn- only 25 cents! Who can pass up a deal like that?

– Christine


In lieu of the upcoming matinee showing of New Moon this Sunday at 3pm, I thought long and hard about which team to join. Since we will have Grafton split with Team Edward on one side and Team Jacob on the other, the decision became even more important. I don’t want to end up sitting in the neutral zone just because I couldn’t make up my mind.

After much debate over which team to join, I came to the realization that the perfect character of the Twilight saga is not quite so obvious. Edward Cullen seems to be the perfect guy, but he does have some flaws. I mean what kind of jerk leaves the woman he loves and steals every form of evidence that he was ever in her life?! (Also, for a vampire, the character in the movies seems to be very hairy. Did anyone else notice his strangely dark-haired chest in New Moon?! Not to mention the monstrosity of hair on top of his head!)

Jacob Black is a pretty sweet guy except that he is slightly immature and hot headed. He also has some pedophilic tendencies, which would concern me when choosing a man. The whole concept of imprinting pretty much sets him up to love multiple women which I guess would make him a polygamous pedophile… CREEPY! Why fall in love with a man who could potentially leave you for another woman… or child?! I mean I’m not complaining that his clothes tear off every time he phases, but if I’m going to completely side with one character, I need to have a really good reason.

Ok now if you ignore the fact that Carlisle has had a wife for hundreds of years, he can really be the perfect candidate! Or you can even look at this fact as a personality trait of dedication and commitment to one woman. Think about it. Carlisle is the mastermind behind the entire “vegetarian vampire” movement. Without him, well, Edward would not exist as a vampire and Jacob would not exist as a werewolf. He practices perfect self-control and has an incredible gift of compassion, which allows him to completely resist human blood—even with his chosen career as a doctor. He is one of the only mature characters who isn’t filled with drama, and the actor who plays him in the movies is also not too shabby. After thinking about it, can anyone honestly not like Carlisle?!

I at least have a little relief now that I have chosen my team…can a team even be a team with only one member?! Please let me know if you’d like to join Team Carlisle by commenting or visiting me at Grafton Stovall Theater on Sunday, Feb 14 at 3pm. I’ll be the one sitting all alone in my own section of Grafton.


Team Edward

There have been debates in every century and of every magnitude. Nothing is off the table to be discussed. One mammoth of a debate is Twilight. After the final 4th book came out in 2008 teenagers and adults alike saddled up to one team that rivals the Team Angelina versus Team Jennifer times. It was Team Edward or Team Jacob.

No the decision was necessary for me when I read this series because it was always Team Edward. I know some of you may gasp but Edward was always the one for Bella. Maybe I am a sucker for torn lovers but from that first science class I knew it was meant to be.

Jacob is the friend Bella needs to balance her life away from Edward because occasionally she is obsessed. Jacob is her friend and it does not make sense to her for it to be anything else. Also Jacob is only 16 in this series! He is new to his abilities and new to his feelings. Don’t worry though Jacob finds someone in the end to make things interesting.

You can definitely find me on the Team Edward side of Grafton tomorrow at the New Moon matinee.

– Angela Marino

This Week at Grafton: An Apocalyptic “Tail”

What a week! With all the snow we’ve gotten, I don’t think we’ll see grass until April. But never fear! Grafton is still open and we have a great selection of movies for you this week. At 7:00 we are showing “Fantastic Mr. Fox”  which is an animated film about Mr. Fox and his many adventures. In this “coming of age” film, Mr. Fox is trying to consolidate his wild ways with being a father. However, before he puts his wild side behind him, he is going to attempt one last raid on the three meanest farmers. Many great actors contributed to this film, including George Clooney as Mr. Fox, Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox, and Bill Murray as Badger. It is sure to be an amazing ride!

At 9:30, we have a more somber film. “2012” is a film similar to “The Day After Tomorrow,”  with the end of the world in sight. The film follows a geophysicist Dr. Adrian Helmsley and author Jackson Curtis as they struggle to prevent the destruction of the entire human race. Though the film is long, it is filled with heart-stopping action and amazing graphics. There are many twists and turns along the way and one never knows who to trust completely… but this film is a must-see and will leave you thinking.

Don’t be scared off because of the snow; Grafton will still be standing serving warm popcorn and great entertainment. Be safe everyone and welcome back to the hustle and bustle of actually going to class!

– Christine

Viewer’s Choice: January at Grafton!

As an organization, we are very proud of the fact that we are able to bring two different movies to our on campus movie theater every week. Movies have been enormously successful so far this year, and we want to show our appreciation. Our Film Director has asked that we start a viewer’s choice….. that’s right, you get to pick what you’d like to see at Grafton!

For the month of January, the options available for you to choose from are:

Thanks for your input!

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