Disney Presents: Iron Man 2

picture from mymoviesdatabase.blogspot.comAs you may have heard yesterday, Disney is purchasing Marvel Entertainment. This means that the people who bring you Hannah Montana will now be responsible for fate of some of the classic superheros, including the X-Men, Spiderman, and Ironman franchises. I have to feel happy for Marvel, who cleaned up in this deal as Disney shelled out an unbelievable $4 BILLION to acquire the comic company; however, as a consumer I could not imagine a worse company to absorb you than the Mickey Mouse club. Once Disney realizes that they have some profitable product in their hands, they exploit it and transform it into something absolutely wretched. Take the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for example. The first movie was surprisingly darker than something you would expect out of the “most magical place on earth.” Now recall how the next two turned out…(I still have nightmares about Orlando Bloom hanging upside down, swinging a sabre, and shouting “I’ll take you all on!”)

I swore that it was entirely impossible to make a movie more detestable or “cheesy” than Spiderman 3. I now curse myself for this statement. If the Disney producers deem it the right thing to do to give Robert Downey Jr. a goofy, uncoordinated child sidekick — or even a pet monkey — I would not bat an eye.

The sole facet of the Disney organization that I still have respect for is Pixar. They never sacrifice quality, and have released nothing but the highest caliber of film. I personally can’t wait to see Up this week at Grafton to try to take my mind off the future prospects of my favorite superhero Captain America.

– Stephen