A Book and a Movie

As an SMAD and English major reading is naturally a huge part of my life.  But even before college, I was always the nerd with her nose buried in a book. (Don’t worry, I loved it!)  So this summer I found the perfect job.  The restaurants around my hometown weren’t hiring and since retail is essentially cruel and unusual punishment, I took over the job my sister had the summer before; I worked at a bank. I know you’re thinking besides pay above minimum wage, there doesn’t seem to be much of a benefit to this job.  This is where you’re wrong.  As a summer floater, I went to a different branch of the bank everyday and besides my bagged lunch, the one thing I always had with me was a book.  My summer was set- I was getting paid to do my favorite thing in the world, read. Usually getting through about three books a week, I made a huge dent in my “To-Read” list.  And one of the books I had the pleasure of reading was Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My love for books and movies is basically equal.  I always read the book before seeing the movie, and this book was no exception.  Knowing that UPB would most likely bring Eat, Pray, Love to Grafton-Stovall at some point in the year, I eagerly read the book and feel in love with the story.  Elizabeth Gilbert writes this autobiographical story of her travels through Italy, India, and Bali and quickly spread to me the travel bug. Take the opportunity to read the book and definitely go see this movie!

~Maggie Moran, Creative Director

Summer Crafting

Like every other college-aged girl I have about four thousand pictures of the past two years at JMU, and from home, and like every other girl most of them have been sitting under my bed in a box for the past two years.  So after deciding that I have personally killed a rainforest with my pictures, and have done nothing with them, I decided to make it my goal to do more with them than just post them on Facebook.

So this summer I decided to perform what I called the “Overhaul Photo Project.” Every week this summer I gave myself one photo project to complete.  They varied from simple things like updating my photo frames to creating an organizational system for my digital and printed pictures.  But as the summer wore on the projects got more creative (I guess this is a good thing considering I am the Creative Director!), and it became craft projects that just happened to also involve projects.  So finally I finished the scrapbook I have been working on since senior year of high school, started a Christmas present for my sister who spent a month in Europe (resulting in about 800 pictures), made a few photo collages, and my personal favorite- hand painted bulletin board squares.  I finally decided that I am going to have the most highly photo decorated dorm on campus.

So if you need any ideas of what to do with all the photos you have undoubtedly taken throughout your wonderful time here at JMU, let me know I am sure I can think of something!

~Maggie Moran (Creative Director)