Elyse’s Hot Summer

The best word to describe my summer so far would probably be “hot.” In my hometown of Falls Church, VA, days heat up to searing temperatures, sometimes even before the haze has burned off the day.  Luckily, the music class that I teach is sheltered within the haven of the air-conditioned temple.  My job is the greatest job I’ve ever had because it combines my two passions in life: music and teaching.  I work with pre-school through 7th graders, but I love the younger kids the most simply because they say the most adorable things.  For example, when asked what one child wanted to be when he grew up, he simply wrote, “I want to be what I want to be.” Surprisingly insightful for a preschooler, eh?

Apart from my job, the summer has been full of concerts, finger-lickin’ food, friends, and a whole lot of D.C. culture.  Some of the best concerts I’ve been to this summer include The Swell Season, a new local band named Deep River, and an all-girls Led Zeppelin tribute band called Lez Zeppelin.  It was one of the best shows I have ever seen and proved that girls can rock just as hard as Jimmy Page!  Foodwise, I’ve been cooking up a storm.   A bunch of friends come over and we cook up a feast- corn, grilled vegetables, fish, steak, broiled asparagus, and chocolate cake that could melt Betty Crocker’s heart.   Yup, it’s that good.

I’ve also been taking advantage of my close proximity to Washington, DC.  Last week I went to a midnight showing of a brand-new video game musical called “Super Claudio Bros.,” which is based on Super Mario.  It was creative, funny, and sweet…  D.C. also has some great venues for watching art films, including “The Kids are All Right,” which is an excellent film about making mistakes and then living with them. 

 I’d say it’s been a successful summer so far.  Looking forward to JMU starting in less than a month (wow!!!), and I’m excited to see how the rest of my summer will play out.  Much love!

~Elyse (Director of Spotlight Sounds)