Sweet Summertime in Delaware

Hey JMU!  My name is Melissa and I’m the Director of UPB’s Spirit & Traditions committee for this year.  I’ve been spending my summer back home in Delaware, in a small-town, close to UD, actually.  Just like Harrisonburg, it’s a college town, so the summers are a little dead, but I can’t complain.  My oldest brother is getting married in a few weeks, and I’m so excited because this is my first wedding as a bridesmaid!

Aside from wedding details, I’ve been working (of course, who isn’t?!)  I usually feel like I do nothing but work through my summer vacations, but this summer has been a taste of something new.  I’ve been working for my dad in his sign shop and learning a lot of things that I never imagined I would take interest in.  Working in a family business is a new experience for me, but very rewarding.  While learning the daily routine of the store, I’ve also been dabbling in the marketing side of things.  I’ll admit that marketing is not my favorite part to be involved in with a business, but I am picking up on some strategies and things that I can totally see coming in handy with UPB and marketing our events…which by the way are quickly approaching and going to be AMAZING!

As much as I love being home for the summer, I am SO excited about heading back to JMU.  And while I am on the edge of my seat for COB 300 to begin 😉  I am really looking forward to seeing events implemented and new plans rolling for UPB.  For me personally with S&T-I am trying to take some crafty and innovative angles with Late Night Breakfasts and possibly add some new twists to Funny Freakin’ Fridays!  I encourage all of the JMU community to keep an eye out for the awesome events that UPB is bringing your way…you don’t want to miss out!

Keep on keepin’ on everybody!


The Worst Toy Hall of Fame

We all had those toys that we absolutely adored when we were growing up. Legos, Barbies, Tonka Trunks, and Hot Wheels had the power to entertain our five-year old selves for hours on end. The shelves of Toys “R”  Us are lined with a virtual cornucopia of toy delights, but what about the toys that end up in the dumpster? Or as materials in UPB’s Trashion Show? We have all had experiences with what I’ll call “Toy Fails.” For instance, the first “Toy Fail” on our list will be the Boomerang. Who in their right state of mind would base a children’s toy off of a device originally created to harm kangaroos and llamas in Australia? This just does not seem like the values we should be instilling in our youth. After all, the majority of the time it does not even come back to you.

The second toy to make it into “The Worst Toy Hall of Fame” is the infamous Ferbie. I think it is pretty safe to say that the Ferbie was the “must have” toy of the 90’s. The Ferbie Craze makes me think of parents getting up at obscene hours of the morning to take on other parents in a battle to grab the toy that will satisfy their little bundle of love for a day, only then to be stored in a closet for the rest of its sadistic life. Not to mention, while you were asleep you would hear little eerie noises coming from the closet. After close inspection, you find out that the noises are not that of an oversized, deranged mouse, but of your once prized Ferbie. Aren’t you glad you had one now after losing copious amounts of sleep?

Reminiscing over the toys that once fueled our happiness allows us to act like the kid we once were, or  still are. At UPB’s Late Night Breakfast this Thursday, JMU students will be able to relive those wonder years once more. So come out and act like a kid again. We double dog, no, make that triple dog dare you!

– Shannon Essad

Grease Is The Word

UPB is having a Grease-filled evening, both showing the movie and having a 1950’s themed Late Night Breakfast. The 50’s were a great time for the country and particularly for some of the great music (that you can hear in the movie tonight!)

In the 1950’s music was transforming. Billboard only had 3 genres of music at the time: country & western, popular and blue grass. This was an America music industry without designated scenes throughout the country like Cleveland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and hundreds of others. Then one day, a Cleveland Disc Jockey, Alan Freed coined a phrase describing how this new music made him feel. He was talking about the song “My Baby Rock Me with a Steady Roll” and ranted on and on about rocking and rolling with a sexual connotation. The type of music he was speaking of came from blues and rhythm originally. Electric guitars, heavy base and lyrics about the youth took the nation by storm.

The new technologies coming out at this time, electric guitars, amplifiers, microphones and 45 rpm, revolutionized the industry. These new mediums allowed artists such as Nat King Cole, Ames Brothers, Tony Bennet, Fontane Sisters, Fats Domino and Elvis Presley to grow and become icons. Today the music scene has expanded and the billboard charts are endless with the amount of genres. Band’s today find it hard to categorize themselves. If Alan Freed was here today, he would be shocked at the thousands of bands who were influenced by the 45s he spun – but I’m definitely glad they do.

– Angela Marino

Harrisonburg: The Next Food Network Feature?

Harrisonburg never ceases to surprise and amaze me. When most people think of the Harrisonburg community, they might think of spending the day at Purcell Park, heading up to the ski slopes, or trying to pick up some of the classics at the Green Valley Book Fair. One aspect of town that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves; however, is the local culinary scene. Once I moved off campus (and very reluctantly switched from the 14-punch plan) I finally had to discover the off-campus options for sustenance. Luckily, my search has lead me to find some local restaurants that go way beyond conquering my hunger and truly satisfy my cravings for quality dining.

Here’s a few places that everyone who comes through Harrisonburg should check out:

  • Pizza – Franco’s is probably everyone’s first venture outside the realm of campus dining, but you just can’t beat a good slice of this classic college staple.
  • Mexican food – Head to Jalisco’s when you are looking for a Mexican dish from somewhere other than the overrated El Charro’s.
  • The downtown scene – Within a one block radius you get hit with three amazing choices depending on your current mood. There’s Daves Taverna for Greek food, Jack Brown’s for burgers, and Clementine for the unique atmosphere and challenging Tuesday night trivia.
  • Breakfast – I don’t think I’ve met anyone that hasn’t tried and loved Mr. J’s Bagels, but you may not have branched out to the organic and delicious Little Grill Collective.
  • Asian food – Taste of Thai is a nice diversion from the average delivery of Chinese.
  • Dessert – Kline’s icecream is unmatched around the area, and when their flavor of the week is Cookies and Cream there’s a great chance that you’ll find me there.

With so much great food around the Harrisonburg community, it might be easy to forget about the high quality dining right here on JMU’s campus. The school consistently provides a premiere college dining experience. This year the Princeton Review ranked us as the 4th top college dining in the country. Keeping that in mind, I hope you enjoy the Pirate-themed Late Night Breakfast tonight catered by Dining Services.

P.S.  I really want to try out Cuchi Guido’s Downtown. Let me know what you think about it.

I'm way ahead of the Jersey Shore crowd.... this was me two years ago.

– Stephen

(if you’re interested in finding out more about the local cuisine check out jmueats.wordpress.com)

The Sun-Day Forecast 10/18/09

This week around the JMU community:


Rumble Down UnderRumble Down Under
The second annual Rumble Down Under is back! Come see ten of the best bands around JMU battle it out this Thursday, October 22 in TDU. The event starts at 7 PM and each of the artists get a 15 minute set to impress the audience and judges. The competition this year consists of Stay at Home Greg, Luke Hartman, The Last Kings, Lights in the Fog, James Orrigo, Grant Thomas, The Sun Kings, Andrew Rohlk, Yesterday’s Heros, and Whiskers and the Sly Racoon. Last year’s winner Joshua Vana will also be performing during the judge’s deliberation. Look out for the the top band”s own concert put on by UPB this November.


Disney Late Night BreakfastLate Night Breakfast
Come by Festival this Thursday night from 10 PM to 12 AM for the Disney themed Late Night Breakfast! Not only will there be free food, but there are also balloon and caricature artists, a roaming magician, and Disney Scene-It and trivia! There will be classic Disney movies as prizes, so come prepared. Trust me on this one, I consider myself to be a master of Disney trivia – and these questions are tough. As if all this wasn’t enough, there is also going to be a contest to see who can design the best LNB series t-shirt.


Cloudy With a Chance of Movies

The Ugly Truth

“The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Pictures comedy The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She’s in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.”

Funny People (featuring UPB’s favorite Aziz Ansari)

“George is a very successful stand up comedian who learns that he has an untreatable blood disorder and is given less than a year to live. Ira is a struggling up-and-coming stand up comedian who works at a deli and has yet to figure out his onstage persona. One night, these two perform at the same club and George takes notice of Ira. George hires Ira to be his semi-personal assistant as well as his friend.”

Synopses from imdb.com

Deforestation Of Festival

picture from thebreakthrough.orgNow a days when I think of the jungle, I think of all the destruction currently taking place in the Brazilian Amazon. According to mongabay.com, between 2000 and 2006 Brazil lost nearly 150,000 square kilometers of forest. In case you wanted to put that into perspective, that would be like losing Greece. One country I don’t want to lose, too many hotties on the beaches =).  So why does this happen when we all know it’s bad?? Historically commercial and speculative interests, misguided government policies, inappropriate World Bank projects, and commercial exploitation of forest resources can attribute a large portion of deforestation in Brazil to land clearing for pastureland. So, lets stop growing corn, wheat, using logs, and raising cows in Brazil and our problem will be solved!Late Night Breakfast
Luckily for Harrisonburg, a jungle is growing in our backyard!!! This year’s first Late Night Breakfast will be this Thursday from 10 pm to 12 am in Festival. It’ll be crazy jungle fun with plants, a butterfly cube (chances to win convo tix here), a trunk toss (more chances to win prizes), a face painter, breakfast food, a DJ and much more! =) For those craving a jungle appetite, we are having scrambled (bird) eggs, (monkey) bacon, (tree trunk) French toast sticks, and dirt dessert!!!
Hope to see you there! And don’t deforest Festival please =)

– Patrick