Heartbroken Over A Kid

I’m feeling sad. And a bit pathetic. Maybe desperate is a better adjective? Or perhaps used. Any person who has done whatever they could to impress a special person in their life knows how I feel. When you want so badly to just make them see how great you could be together. That feeling of helplessness when “the one” just doesn’t think you’re good enough. And then they reject you over and over, no matter what you try to do to show them you care. Some of us try to guilt them into accepting us. Some of us leave with our pride and our head held high. I’m balancing between the two.

That’s how I feel about our attempt to get Kid Cudi to come to JMU. For years now, you have all let it be clear that you want him to come. There’s a facebook group. There’s countless votes on the survey. On top of that, we receive write-ins on the survey and emails to our account requesting him by name. So we listened! We tried, JMU.

I tried to impress him with our great venue. Imagine – a sold out show at Convo! But it didn’t work.

I tried to show him that we would be such a great pairing. JMU – a school filled with students who have requested him by name! But it didn’t work.

I increased the bid. Once. Then once more. Then I extended the bid by a couple of days. Then by a week. Then by a month. But it still didn’t work.

Now I’m deciding between a guilt trip (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, wouldn’t your mom want you to say yes? Did you know that we’re both from Cleveland? I probably ran into you at Solon High School! You know, we do have mutual high school friends on facebook!) or just leaving with my pride, moving on to a new artist, and parting ways amicably.

But rest assured JMU, we’re analyzing your survey results, pouring over available artist lists, and bidding artists for an even better spring Convo concert!  Get excited!

~Carrie Martin, UPB Coordinator