Inglorious Basterds……An Inglorious Problem

I’m sure you all remember the issue we had with The Hangover, and how we had to delay the showing at Grafton because the production company decided to keep it in theaters for an extra couple weeks. Unfortunately, we have the exact same problem with Quentin Tarantino’s new box office smash, Inglorious Basterds. Universal Pictures has decided to put the film in major theaters for an extended period of time to get more Oscar nominations. I’m sure the film won’t have a problem with getting any Oscars, but who am I to second-guess a production company’s decision? So what does that mean for us? It means that we are unable to get a copy of the movie to play at Grafton for the first week of December. We considered just bringing it to Grafton in January, but it comes out on DVD release December 15, so it will already be on DVD for a month when we come back after January.

So if you’re huge Tarantino fans (like myself) and were waiting with bated breath for Lieutenant Aldo Raine to make his appearance here at JMU, just put the movie on your Christmas list and hope that someone special understands your need for obscene amounts of comedic violence.


Of course, we can’t leave you hanging with just a chick flick before finals, so we have selected another action-packed movie as a substitution for Brad Pitt and his WW2 scalping and skull-bashing. Gamer is a film with Gerard Butler (you know him as King Leonidus from 300) where Butler is an inmate on death row and he and his fellow inmates are the subjects in a Call Of Duty type shooter game called Slayers. People around the world are playing Slayers on their PS3s and Xboxes, but instead of controlling imaginary digital figures, these players control Butler and the other prisoners in a life or death battle for survival. To give you a glimpse at the tone of the movie, here’s a quote from the movie, taken from

Ken Castle: [seeing Hackman] Look at it. The new face of Slayers. Pure, crystalized horror. Two stories high and bathed in bloody red. He is what they want.
Geek Leader: They love Kable.
Ken Castle: They do now, but when they watch their hero die right in front of their eyeballs so sharp and vivid it feels like you could reach out and touch the wet flesh, they’re going to change their point of view. They’ll be seduced by the power of violence; the dominance. It’s human nature.
Geek Leader: Kable’s made it through 28 battles. Every player in the game has tried to take him out.
Ken Castle: Yeah, Kable’s the perfect soldier. He’s a tactical killing computer. His only vulnerability is the nanex itself; the *ping*, the delay between Simon’s commands and Kable’s ability to execute.
Geek Leader: So why should this one be any different? Who controls him?
Ken Castle: [long pause] No one.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and I encourage you to check out Gamer for your pre-exam study breaks!

– Katelyn