Hip Hot Hat Trick In Review…

The University Program Board strives to put on events that reach out to each student on the JMU campus.  In addition to surveying the student body to determine their interests, UPB depends on student feedback to make sure it is effectively serving the JMU community.  We gauge student feedback on many of our events through surveys given out after the events.  Since the convocation center shows are much larger in scale, this is hard to do.  This is why we’ve created an online survey.  We would like for students who attended Hip Hop Hat Trick to complete the survey so that we can improve how we carry out our shows in the future, as well as look for acts that would most interest JMU students.

The Center Stage in UPB compiles a list of artists that we think the population of JMU will be interested in seeing. The list is the basis of our survey and directs us to what genres the campus wants. From the results the committee takes the highest-ranking artist and researches their availabilities and prices. If both of these aspects are in line we will submit a bid and the process you all know begins. Although this is the first time the public hears about it, all that work happens prior behind the scenes.

As you can see with the process, your vote and opinion matter. Through the votes we decide who comes to play. So speak up and take the survey here!

– Colleen Donoghue