It’s hard to believe that Independence Day, the fourth of July, has already passed.  This means we are all halfway through summer.  For some of us this means half way done with our internships or study abroad programs.  However, not only am I halfway finished with my summer, I am halfway done with college…

Property of University.Unions on FlickrIt’s scary to think I’ll be a junior in the fall!  I’m sure many seniors and recent alumni are thinking, “at least you still have two more years.”  You all are completely right.  But as many of my friends and fellow Dukes have shared- time flies.  I can vividly remember Junior year of high school, and here I am again a Junior, but this time at college.  Although I am sad to say summer is halfway over and I am halfway complete with my undergrad career, I also like to look on the bright side as what is to come.  More memories and great times from friends to football games to UPB events; the future awaits!  Although I am halfway done, I still have halfway to go!

-Drew Midgette

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
— Theodore Roosevelt