Dream Program Review

On Monday, September 13, Greg Hoeflicker paid a visit to JMU’s campus to bring some clarity to some of our most blurred memories… dreams. Greg has been a dream interpreter since he was 19 years old. He started his studies in the Midwest by attending a school that was geared towards meditation, focus and concentration. His schoolwork later led him to focus his life on dream interpretation and to travel and share his knowledge with others. He started to teach others what he had learned in his studies and continues to translate all of his friends and families dreams.

This past Monday Greg started by telling his audience at Grafton a little bit about his past and then listened to different dreams from the audience and deciphered what each symbol and event in their dreams meant. One audience member shared his dream of being trapped in a maze and being chased by the undead, but no matter how far he ran he would never get any closer to leaving the maze and escaping the things chasing him. Greg told the listeners that this dream was completely related to trying to take a certain path in life, but the final answer was a path that hadn’t been discovered yet. Another popular dream concept was teeth. Whether it was then falling out or growing extra ones, Greg said that teeth commonly represent the tools used to gain wisdom. In other words, if you have a dream about teeth, then you most likely have either taken in or shared knowledge within the past couple of days. He ended with a few final words of encouragement, to always try and listen to your dreams, because you never know when one will give you the exact answer you’re searching for in life.

 ~Kara Widerman (Special Events Committee Member)

Dream ‘terpretation

Dreams are weird. Plain and simple. Everyone has them and don’t tell me you’re one of those “special” people who don’t. One thing is for sure, and that is my hecka crazy dreams. My dreams never seem to make sense and I’m sure you’re in the same boat, which is why having professional dream interpreters like Greg Hoeflicker come to campus TODAY Monday, the 13th from 7-9pm at Grafton (FREE!) is such a great thing.

Now, I’m telling you, my dreams are straight up bizarre. How bizarre you didn’t ask? Well, last week I had a really depressing dream where I had an incurable illness, so I basically just gave up on life and was moping about. Understandable, yes – but I’d say I took it pretty well; I remember having only one crying fit through the whole thing, and it wasn’t even that bad of sobbing. More like sniffling. Manly sniffling. And guess what? I still showed up to work the next day! Talk about dedication, people! I was 18 minutes late in my dream, but that’s beside the point. What does it all mean? Well, I guess it could be some sort of commentary on the stress that comes with every new semester along with the new addition of work to go with it, but I’m no expert. Luckily for me and all of you, Greg Hoeflicker is.

Peace and Blessings,

~Ian Crowe (I-DAWG)