Confronting Life With Love

In a world where college students feel so much pressure to succeed, academically, socially, and physically, it is extremely easy to get stressed.  We, as college students, can get stressed out by anything from having two tests and a paper on the same day, three meetings one night, not getting to the gym, or a text back from that somebody on Saturday night.

When everything gets out of control people sometimes turn to negative influences.  For some, going out on the weekends progresses into nightly binge drinking and possibly addiction. Others may feel too overwhelmed and burdened into depression.  Both of these things have the unfortunate possibility of turning into more serious issues such as self- injury or even suicide.

These issues are definitely not easy to confront or talk about.  Recently the Founder of To Write of Love on Her Arms visited JMU to tackle these issues head on and give encouragement that these issues can be solved with the proper help.  There are numerous resources on campus to help with these issues.  At a time when exams and papers are piling up it’s easy to be stressed out.  However, it is important to not let stress get out of hand and turn into more serious issues.

At the end of the day a grade, missing a meeting, or having one argument does not define who you are as a person.  If you are someone you know is suffering from any of these potentially serious issues I encourage you to “spread the love” and help that individual or yourself seek help.  All of these problems can be solved with support and love.