Deforestation Of Festival

picture from thebreakthrough.orgNow a days when I think of the jungle, I think of all the destruction currently taking place in the Brazilian Amazon. According to, between 2000 and 2006 Brazil lost nearly 150,000 square kilometers of forest. In case you wanted to put that into perspective, that would be like losing Greece. One country I don’t want to lose, too many hotties on the beaches =).  So why does this happen when we all know it’s bad?? Historically commercial and speculative interests, misguided government policies, inappropriate World Bank projects, and commercial exploitation of forest resources can attribute a large portion of deforestation in Brazil to land clearing for pastureland. So, lets stop growing corn, wheat, using logs, and raising cows in Brazil and our problem will be solved!Late Night Breakfast
Luckily for Harrisonburg, a jungle is growing in our backyard!!! This year’s first Late Night Breakfast will be this Thursday from 10 pm to 12 am in Festival. It’ll be crazy jungle fun with plants, a butterfly cube (chances to win convo tix here), a trunk toss (more chances to win prizes), a face painter, breakfast food, a DJ and much more! =) For those craving a jungle appetite, we are having scrambled (bird) eggs, (monkey) bacon, (tree trunk) French toast sticks, and dirt dessert!!!
Hope to see you there! And don’t deforest Festival please =)

– Patrick