Help Us Choose Our Spring Convo and Wilson Concerts!

It’s time to start choosing our artists to come for next semester’s round of concerts. We highly value your opinions, so if you could just take about two minutes to complete this survey you can actually influence who you could see at JMU this year.

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We’ve got some great options that we are really excited about, but before you start the survey there’s just a couple of things you should know:

1) Please keep in mind that the survey is for information gathering purposes only. Clearly we take the results into consideration, but this does not necessarily guarantee that a certain artist will be performing here.

2) If you really don’t want any of the artists available in a given genre of music – leave the spaces blank. There’s no need in bumping up the numbers for someone you are not planning on seeing anyhow.

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Third Eye Blind is Coming to JMU

That’s right. After the swirling rumors not just this year, but last year as well, UPB is proudly presenting Third Eye Blind as our fall concert. The show is going to be October 8th in Convo and since nothing quite compares to the alternative music of the 90’s I am positive I am not alone in feeling enthusiastic about this one.

Announcing our show may leave many wondering how the selection process works. Our middle agent Melissa provides us with a list of all touring artists available for the fall. Our budget restricts us from some of the grotesquely expensive entertainers…as if we could actually bring Lil Wayne guys. However, barring those exclusions the program board tries to make our concert as much of a student body decision as possible. You might recall a survey sitting in the inbox of your webmail a few months back. On this form you were given choices as to your top rock, rap, country, and comedy options.

Third Eye Blind

Angela, our director of Center Stage, then analyzed the results and reported the top options to the rest of Exec over the summer. Third Eye Blind was the overwhelming winner. When we initially approached them, they renegotiated their flat fee to become the most expensive show UPB’s brought to this campus, and the only date that they had available happened to be October 8th…. in other words a certain PR Director’s 21st birthday. We debated as a group and came to a consensus that 3EB was still far and away the best choice for JMU this year.

The 21st birthday is the most sacred day to the majority of college students. They feel that the world should bow down and the entire collegiate population should stop everything and help them celebrate their monumental occasion. I am no different than any of these people. However, if there was ever a reason to not be devastated that you have to work on your birthday… I’m going to have to say that it would be working with and having backstage access to a Third Eye Blind concert. Expect to hear a lot more about the band in the coming weeks.

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– Stephen