It’s Good To Have A Best Buddy

The value of a friend is extremely underappreciated and quite often taken for granted in our society. Best Buddies has given me the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a more unique way than I ever thought possible!

Best Buddies is an international, non-profit organization, and the chapter here on JMU’s campus is very special. We, as Best Buddies members, work with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to form one-to-one friendships with college students. Social acceptance and inclusion for the small community of people with disabilities is our number one goal!

Okay, all the business talk aside, Best Buddies has changed my life. Since starting the chapter at my high school and continuing on into college, Best Buddies has taken me places and shown me things (literally and figuratively) that have changed me for the better. This organization has opened my eyes to the world around me. It has shown me that some people are very unfortunate, and that in grim times, the most important thing that you can give someone is your friendship!

All that being said, I cannot wait to bring my Buddy to December’s edition of Funny Freakin’ Friday, TONIGHT at 8PM in TDU! We crack jokes all the time, so I know he will get a kick out of the comedian, Watt Smith. Best Buddies is thrilled to be co-sponsoring their first event with UPB for FFF. Hope to see you there!

-Bryan Herbert, Best Buddies JMU President