Snow In Barcelona?

As Spring Break approaches, I can’t help but get lost in memories of some great adventures in Europe I had last Spring…

It was a very interesting semester abroad because everywhere we went on the weekends it would snow. Seeing cities like Amsterdam, Prague, and Berlin under a blanket of white is quite awe-inspiring but after two months of hiking through snow in the heart of every European city, one starts to get annoyed with the white fluff. That’s exactly why we chose to visit Barcelona during spring break.

Since it had snowed on every trip up until Barcelona, we were hoping for the famed Mediterranean weather. Unfortunately as we looked out the window of our landing plane, we found that Barcelona was planning a little surprise for us. Locals told us it was the first snow in seven years and worst snow in twenty-two years. At this point, I was ready to give up on touring the continent and wanted to fetch a boat to Morocco! Nobody else in my party seemed to like the idea though, so we checked into our hostel and dreamed of warmer weather. Luckily when we woke up the next day, all of the snow had melted and Barcelona was back to normal.

Barcelona continued to be full of surprises though, and the most striking memory of the whole trip was due to the snow. On the third day, we went to Montserrat, a monastery in the mountains outside Barcelona. In total, we took a 30 minute subway ride, an hour train ride, and a 30-minute cable cart ride to get to the monastery. After our two hour voyage, we reached a village covered in a foot of snow. We had set out that day to go hiking around the mountain, so we did exactly that. Five hours later, we decided we were too cold and our feet were too wet to continue. We completed our return voyage back down the mountain and decided to do something quite different… we went to the beach. While it was a little too chilly to get into the water, we did take off our sweaters and bought some takeout to sit and watch the waves roll onto the sand.

Never have I experienced such an amazing day before, and it was all thanks to the snow. I am really anticipating the memories that the snow will provide us this winter.

~Chris Shockey, Spirit & Traditions Decorations Chair