Immersed In Your Imagination

I see myself sitting in an outdoor café by the water, watching boats glide by with adorable French and/or Italian (I can’t decide) children running after them, as I sip on truly fantastic espresso.  I look fabulous (obviously) but am soon to retire to my quaint, cozy hotel suite exhausted after a morning of shopping and site-seeing. I see a group of hip French (or Italian, I’m really indecisive) kids my age heading off in a rush so I follow them to a local park where I discover a glorious outdoor production of some Shakespeare classic in the native tongue. I relax on a blanket in the grass, soaking up the warm sun and debating the purchase of yet another delicious espresso…

This is what I envision whenever I listen to Ameranouche, the gypsy jazz trio traveling to JMU tonight, November 10th, to play in TDU at 8 PM. It’s a trick my mom taught me whenever she made me listen to new music that I found too different to appreciate. Sit back, close your eyes and think of what’s happening with this song as the background.  Soon you’ll be so immersed in your imagination that you’ll never want the music to end.

What do you see?

~Maria Lane, Spotlight Sounds Outreach Chair