For The Love of The Unhealthy

Love is a strange and unexplainable thing. The common problem? We fall in love with the things that are all wrong for us. We are out of control, and logically we may see the error of our ways but by the time the error has been made, it doesn’t matter anymore…we’re hopeless. Many wonder, is there any way to control this?

Now I’m not saying we have a cure for love. For the typical girl-likes-bad-boy or boy-falls-for-the-taken-girl scenarios, we’re all out of luck (however, if you find a solution please feel free to share). But the UPB is taking the steps to take care of another problem: the love for the unhealthy lifestyle.

So for those of you who are struggling to keep a New Year’s resolution to work out or for all who struggle with the tempting nationally ranked campus food, How to: Stay Fit in 2010 is here for you. Come out to Taylor 402 at 6:00pm on January 26th and begin your quest for a healthier lifestyle or maybe just re-motivate yourself for the months to come. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a cute guy or gal there.

– Amanda Latham