WXJM & UPB Interview with The Mowgli’s!

The Mowgli’s are a seven-piece indie-rock band with a joyous revival of rock n’ roll, a twisting indie-folk dance and a heartfelt protest ballad out of Southern California. With the popular release of their debut album, Waiting For The Dawn, featuring “San Francisco”, we are eagerly awaiting their sophomore release, Kids In Love. UPB and WXJM’s own Alec Moss got to have a few words with the up-and-coming band:

 Alec: I’ve heard so much about how you guys have such a driving force and a message behind your music, so for those who aren’t familiar with the Mowgli’s, could you tell us what you guys are all about as a band?

Katie [The Mowgli’s]: Yeah, sure! It’s funny; I think it’s a lot simpler than it’s made out to be sometimes. We want to make people feel good. We write songs about our personal experiences with love, and what we believe about love, and through those songs, we share that message and those thoughts with people, but when we go and play a show, it’s really just about taking people who drove there, or carpooled there, or designated drove that night, or got a sitter, or paid the $20, or however much the ticket is. We want to make sure that those people come and forget about whatever their boss said to them earlier, or whatever their boyfriend or girlfriend said that day that made them upset, and they just enjoy life for the hour that they spend with us that night. That’s really what our whole message and our point is… Just to make people feel good because we think that happiness is a very contagious thing and spreading happiness, and sharing happiness, and being kind to each other just makes the world around us a better place.

Yeah, you gotta love that message! So, when you guys released your first album, Waiting For The Dawn, in the summer of 2013, you guys got a couple network television performances and played a ton of festivals, so I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about that summer for you?

That summer was insane. We definitely were away from home SO much and were pretty much never home and we traveled the country over, and over, and over, and so we got to do, like you said, these really surreal, kind of magical things, like play on Jay Leno… twice! And we played on Jimmy Kimmel and Conan and the Andy Cohen show! And it was all just very surreal, ya know? It felt like a dream. It was very exciting and it felt like all of the hard work that we had put into writing that album, and recording that album, and getting it into the hands of whoever we could get it into the hands of… it felt like all that hard was paying off. It was probably one of the most exciting years of our life, I think, collectively as a group. And we’re really looking forward to chasing that dream when we release our second album.

That’s great! And so, I know that the summer was also filled with so many festival appearances, so from your point of view, not necessarily the whole band, what were your highlights? Were you able to see anybody that you really wanted to see as well? Rather than just all business, were you able to enjoy yourself?

We definitely enjoyed ourselves… I enjoyed myself. One of the really cool things about festival season is that, for the most part, when you get to a festival, you do kind of get to stay there for the day, and of course, as I’m sure you know, each one of these stages has somebody epic playing. You turn around and there’s Walk The Moon! And then you walk twenty feet and there’s R. Kelly! It’s just crazy! Some of the highlights for me were: we camped at Bonnaroo, so we got tents and we didn’t shower for four days and we just camped at Bonnaroo and it was really fun. The artist camping was behind the main stages, so we got to hear Paul McCartney, and Tom Petty, and R. Kelly, and Wu-Tang… So, everybody who played the main stage, we were kind of just camped out right behind it and got to hear it all.

That’s awesome!

Yeah! It was SO cool! Just going to festivals like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza… these things that you’ve heard about for years and you kind of always fantasized about being able to go to one year. All of the sudden, now we’re playing, and not only are we playing, but we’re playing them with some of our favorite bands! We played Lollapalooza with Vampire Weekend, and Alt-J, and The Cure and all of us love all of those bands, so it’s just a very exciting experience as a music fan.

Yeah that’s great! Also, getting back to the band a little bit, a little over a month ago, you guys released your single off the next album, and that was called, “Through the Dark”…

Yeah, so that was kind of like a… soft release. We kind of were just able to leak a song off the album, um… leaked is probably not the right word, but we released a song off the album, but our label is actually releasing our official single soon. So that was kind of just a fun, ‘Hey, this is one of our new songs, we’re so excited to share it with you guys!’

Cool! What kind of feedback are you guys getting from that?

It actually just reached number 18 on the Alt 18… so an alternative chart. Which is really exciting for us because Alt-Nation has always been a huge supporter of us and we’re super grateful that we’re even in that circle musically. A lot of our fans, and this is the ideal thing, have responded positively. That’s kind of our main thing, is we definitely wanted to give our fans and friends something that was worth waiting for and still kind of had an evolved sound, but still rang true of the Mowgli’s vibe.

So when that album does come out, you’re kind of entering the festival season all over again and you’ve already confirmed, I saw, Hangout, Shaky Knees, and BottleRock, so do you think it may be sort of a repeat of the summer of 2013?

Hey, that would be best-case scenario! We really hope so. A lot of festivals haven’t booked up yet, and we don’t even have a song at radio or anything, but we do really hope that we’ll get to experience those festivals again; it’s just such a fun experience for us.

Katie and The Mowgli’s will be have a co-headlining performance at James Madison University’s UPB Presents… FrostFest with X Ambassadors and opener, Grizfolk on February 6th in Wilson Hall on JMU’s campus.

 Tickets are on sale TODAY for students at jmutickets.com.

$16 for students, $18 for public (available 1/19).**
$22 for students day of show, $24 for public day of show.
Click here for the direct link: http://bit.ly/1o7W0gn

Doors will open at 7:30p and the show will start at 8p. There will be a pit and opportunities to win meet and greets! More information to follow!



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