Get to Know: UPB’s Director of Special Events

Director of Special Events, Lauren Stearns

How many college students can say their part time job is playing with puppies, Pinterest crafting, hosting an SNL comedian, or “testing out” massage chairs? Yeah, it’s pretty fun! As the Director of Special Events, I facilitate the brainstorming and organization of events like those above, among others.

The special events committee plans and executes  two events a month. This responsibility forms camaraderie among committee members since we are constantly planning and facilitating events. The brainstorming process is never the same and that is what makes event planning interesting. Somehow we will go from talking about the Super bowl and mac’n’cheese bites (so good!) to trivia nights, and a self-defense workshop with possible chocolate fountain. These random thoughts have fortunately led to events with record-breaking attendance for us this year!

I realized I wanted to apply for Exec after forming such fun and loyal friendships in the organization. Fortunately, this has always remained my motivation to stay driven in my position. This organization has challenged and rewarded me in ways that I never anticipated as a college student. The UPB slogan that “college is more than just classes” is 100% true. Student leadership fulfilled the void of what I would be passionate about at JMU. I may take design classes and learn software, but interpersonal skills and a diverse student network in this organization has led to the many memorable college experiences.

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