Get to Know: UPB’s Director of Spirit and Traditions

Director of Spirit and Traditions , Olivia Howell

If you happen to be looking for lifelong friendships, incredible work experience, and a genuinely fun job, then look no further! UPB is the place for you! As the current Spirit and Traditions Director I enjoyed the most challenging, influential, and fun year of my life. Within this role, you and your committee take the lead in planning two free series events: Funny Freakin’ Friday and Late Night Breakfast. If you ask me, these are the two most dynamic events to plan!

Personally, Late Night Breakfast is my favorite to plan because it’s different from breakfast to breakfast. Each time, the event takes on a different theme appealing to students of all kinds, as they are able to play games, make crafts, jump on inflatables, and dance the night away. My committee also adds to the excitement of my job. I have so many great members that truly make this position one of kind with their dedicated service and creative ideas. Together during committee meetings, we actively brainstorm themes, activities, and decorations for Late Night Breakfast. We talk about the ups and downs of past performances, while looking forward to upcoming events and the organizations we get to partner and work with at these events. And on the days our minds are feeling a little less creative than normal and we need a bit of break, we push through and watch videos of potential Funny Freakin’ Friday performers. We seem to never stop planning!  lnb

Really, our committee picks what they want to do and I just do the behind the scenes logistics to make it happen. After they choose everything they want to provide for students at Late Night Breakfast and who they want to perform at Funny Freakin’ Friday I work on the contracts, orders, and small details of those events to make it happen. Without my committee members, chairs, and fellow executive council members none of our events could happen.  I suggest this position to anyone that is looking for leadership experience and has a passion for event planning. Honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my year doing anything else. Seeing the JMU community embrace and enjoy the events you put your time into truly is a priceless feeling. If even a tiny part of you is considering applying for this position, do it! It’s the best decision you’ll make and you will learn and grow more than you could ever imagine or even want to! Seriously! Close this blog and go apply because I promise you, you will not regret it!

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