Get to Know: UPB’s Director of Film

Director of Film, Lindsay Baratelle

#PeaceLoveGrafton has kind of been my motto this year. Being Film Director for UPB has been the greatest! I had been in the film committee for two years (as a general member and a chair) before applying for the Executive Council, and I have never been happier to be a part of something before. The biggest part of my job is planning the monthly movie schedule at Grafton-Stovall Theater and working with my committee.

February Grafton Movie Trailer


Working with two movie distributors, I go through the list of available movies that month and put it to a vote in our film committee meetings. After counting the votes, I must make a schedule of the films, trying to avoid showing films that are already on DVD. This was especially difficult because films go to DVD so fast nowadays; the constant battle with release dates was relentless.

However, film meetings never failed to make my week better. “Filmies” are the best people you will ever meet. Although we do not get to plan events on as big a scale as the concerts or comedians, we have a lot of fun getting creative with the weekly movie advertising and brainstorming special events like matinees or marathons. Still, working Grafton itself is always a good time – free movies and free popcorn, that’s true love right there. It’s a lot of routine work, picking up and returning DVDs or reels and making sure each film runs smoothly, but as Mad Eye Moody would say, “constant vigilance!”

Some of the perks of the job include access to advance screenings. Seeing Lone Survivor over a month before it came out in theaters was pretty awesome. Working on exec has its perks, too. It’s been a great experience to help plan so many events for the campus; there are many challenges because it is such a big time commitment. However, I think being a program director and having a committee really helped me love what I do and grow as a leader. I love all my members and I love the organized craziness we go through to bring awesome movies to JMU.


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