Get to Know: Administrative Director

Administrative Director, Justin Whetzel


Hi, everyone! As some of may know, I am Justin, also known as the Administrative Director of University Program Board. While you may know the name of my position, not many people know what I actually do. I am responsible for booking rooms, submitting event request forms, updating the office calendar and bulletin boards, and many other duties around the UPB office, but the most rewarding aspect of my position is overseeing the Administrative Chairs and watching them grow as leaders.

This year has been one of the highlights of my career at James Madison University. During my time in this position, I have grown and learned a lot about myself and others. The position is truly what the individual makes of it. A person who is a bit more shy could excel as the Administrative Director, but an outgoing person would do an exceptional job as well. This year, I really tried to put myself out there and meet as many people in UPB as I possibly could, and I am so happy to have met all the new friends I’ve gained. For anyone thinking of applying to this position, I would suggest that you get into a pattern of organization and stay on track. The key to being the Administrative Director is organization and planning! I would also suggest getting to know general members as much as possible (it can be lonely not having a committee!).


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